Mad Professor – Meltdown Dub 

Matti: Dub music and aesthetics are a big influence to our sound. By using audio Equipment a bit differently to create a space and make sounds live and breathe Throughout a track allows endless possibilities to experiment. I think Mad Professor needs no introduction and the track in question is a perfect example of how you can make a track work with small amount of elements.


Massive Attack – Angel 

Matti: I have a soft spot for Trip Hop. Even though some of the tracks from the era Haven’t really stood the test of time there are gems that I return to every now and then. The weighty beats, rolling bassline and dark brooding atmosphere, but still having the feeling of hope there make this a winner for me. I think the conflict between light and Dark or good and evil is always an interesting theme to play with in your art.


Martyn – Vancouver 

Otto and Matti: Dubstep is pretty much the best thing that has happened to Drum & Bass in last 10 years, as it helped producers realize that not everything needs to be loud and full on. This is a perfect example. Sick groove and awesome dub techno Chords.


Rasmus Hedlund – Kolsvart belysning 

Matti: Rasmus Hedlund is a Finnish producer and sound artist who I look up to a lot. He’s best known for his ambient and techno productions and hardware-only live sets. The production level and sound design in his work is amazing and gives me instant Inspiration.


Consequence – Farewell 

Matti: During a time when Drum & Bass was about everyone trying to be louder and bigger than the next guy came an LP that changed things for good. Consequence’s Live for Never LP proved that anything is possible and 170bpm is just a tempo. The LP still sounds as fresh as the day it came out.


Thomas Krome – Bitches From Hell (Resurrection edit) 

Otto: I’m a sucker for late 90’s/early 00’s Swedish techno, guys like Thomas Krome, Henrik B, Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer. It’s driving and groovy at the same time, Kicks you in the face but doesn’t become a cheesy parody of itself like a lot of the so called harder stuff sometimes does.


Tipper – Whomi 

Otto: Dave Tipper is a genius. Really. I just love how his work has so many layers and you find new things with each and every listen. His tunes make me wonder how the hell was this sound done, but at the same time the emphasis is not on making weird noises, but his tunes actually have musical content and emotional depth. Not that there’s anything wrong with “just” making weird noises, but this just has the perfect balance.


Matrix – Convoy 

Otto: If someone asks me what’s my favourite Drum & Bass track, I’d most likely mention this. The drums, the atmosphere, everything is just in spot on here. Also, watch out for that switch in the end.


The Future Sound of London – ISDN

Otto: I tried to pick a single track from the album, but I really couldn’t. Still after more than 15 years I’m amazed by this album, and I guess when it comes to influences FSOL has definitely been maybe the biggest single influence musically.


Satori – Metamorf 

Otto: This isn’t actually just a Musical influence, but really has influenced me Aesthetically in general. I saw this for the first time when I was 16 and I was just blown away, and still am. I’m fascinated by all kinds of glitches that may happen by accident, or because of broken or misused software/gear, be it visual glitch or audio related. This actually is a programmed audio-visual presentation that runs in real time on a windows 98 computer and is really one of my favourite pieces of art. I had a bit of a fanboy moment when I met Zden, the guy who programmed this, couple of years ago in Helsinki.


Out of Fuel currently have their Ghost Notes EP out on Translation, check it out on the link below: