With a serious Jungle effort out right now with DJ Hybrids In too Deep EP, we spoke with the people behind the label that it was being released under…Serial Killaz.

For those who may have no clue about the label, tell us a little about yourselves, ie who works there, what the Music you release and anything you think people should know?

Serial Killaz Recordings along with a few other labels are owned and run by Tobie (Tera) and Graham (Vital Elements) aka Serial Killaz. We work there, along with help from some freelance guys, big ups James, Gordy, Jay & Terry. We try to sign music that we both like, whether that be listening to it at home or both like to listen to at home or play in our club sets. It’s a pretty simple formula.

Currently you have the latest from DJ Hybrid, someone I have the utmost respect for with his excellent take on original Jungle flavours. Tell us a little about the release?

We’ve been big fans of Hybrid for a while and were very happy to release this EP. It’s such a good example of golden-era jungle being updated. We’ve been into the drum & bass music as fans since before jungle began and as producers we are obviously known for bringing classics tracks up to date with our remixes and other artists such as Serum and Bladerunner do a great job of that too. Here, with Hybrid’s release you have a remake of some classic styles but it also has that freshness where you can tell it was made today. It fits us, and the ethos of the label, perfectly.

What is the relationship between the label and Serial Killaz as Artists, if at all?

We are one and the same.

Which release if any, typifies your sound?

For Serial Killaz as artists, maybe something like Professional Ganja Smoker with General Levy. It has that classic jungle D&B feel to it, with a big vocal line, it works just as well listening to it at big festivals as it does on your phone and earbuds.

For the label we have been nurturing artists with a more Jump up edge and maybe asking them to do their own take on Jungle, or to incorporate Jungle elements into their production, and Turno’s “Bad Man Nah Beg Fiend” would be a perfect example of Jump up meets Jungle. We should probably mention Upgrade, and his track “More”, which is another perfect example of the kind of dancefloor bangers we regularly play and release on the label. We love our Jungle, always have done and always will, but we also like every other genre of Drum & Bass, and we try to incorporate that into our sets as well as releases on the label.

With the digital age, what are the pros and cons of running a label such as yours?

Pros would be that you reach a bigger audience than ever before, you can be slightly braver or more experimental with your releases as there isn’t as many overheads/costs as there was with releasing solely on vinyl. But that also reflects as one of the biggest Cons as now there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Drum & Bass labels out there. Of course with little to no overheads to release an EP, there is less quality control. Of course, you also get paid so much less than before the digital age.

What else have you got lined up for 2016 as it draws to an end?

There will be a new Serial Killaz EP, as well as new releases from Upgrade, Dez, Kitcha, Prestige, Leaf, Beast Mode, Audio Mission and many more.

There is also a various artists compilation album we are putting together which is looking like a great project, which should see a release just before Christmas.

If you had a magic wand or wish, what would you use it on in the scene? Not ladies and millions haha

To remove any bad attitude and to remove thieves from Festivals. Also to end this ‘loudness war’ that producers seem to have got caught up in today when producing their tracks. Louder doesn’t automatically mean better, and it needs to stop! It’s not big and it’s not clever, bring your tracks back a bit guys…

Finally, anything you want to add, thanks etc?

Huge love and thanks to all who have danced to, purchased, downloaded, or just enjoyed our music and to everyone who has helped, encouraged, or given us the opportunity to do this with our life. Also, central banking is killing the world!!


Serial Killaz current release, a lovely bit of modern Jungle effortlessly crafted by none other than DJ Hybrid. The In too Deep EP is out now and you can follow the link for further info: