On the back of Chris’s recent LP, I decided to reach out and see what he is saying. Please do check his LP out, I was really impressed and I moan a lot haha This is the end result…

For some of our readers and myself included, this could be the first time they have heard of you. In your own words can you tell us about you and as an Artist?

I started my journey in the year 2000 playing on nights up and down the UK, on line-ups alongside the likes of Top DJ’s Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket, Majistrate and Logan D. This really inspired me and from then on I knew Drum and Bass was what I wanted to do. I joined a label and worked my way up through the ranks to owning and running The Rancid Records imprint with business partner BSM. I have been DJing now for more than 15 years. Vengeance Recordings was my next stop, I knew to make more of an impact, I needed to start producing. My style is hard, fast and sometimes grotty. I like to produce a variety of styles from Neuro to Jungle.

 I recently got a promo mailed out for your Intent LP on Vengeance recordings. I really enjoyed it and remembered it standing out as it wasn’t that generic sound floating about now can you tell us about the Album?

Now to dig down deep, what inspires me to write the music I do. For me the INTENT LP, due for release on Vengeance Recordings is a very good beginning. A lot of the tracks are early tracks from 2015, some being the first tracks I ever produced! Old but gold kind of tracks, hence why they have done so well. I chose not to preview the tracks on Soundcloud and go direct through promo push until the official release. I think Soundcloud is now the biggest killer in digital sales, I know there is not a lot to be made from selling Music but you can restrict who gets it for free. I prefer to write the old style Drum and Bass with Nu element, rather than the new kinda sound. That shit will give you a headache from a synth, a heavy kick and some slap happy snare ((my dig at jump up) lol.

A fair few of the tracks have a personal meaning to me with various events that have happened while I was writing them. Especially the 9 min track Knock on effect vip, which is probably the most recognised track on the LP thanks to Barrington from Cambridge Warning who gave the original its first airing at Warning. Over the space of 12 months things have moved very fast for me and it does not look like it’s going to stop either. The drive to write good Music is still as strong today as the first day I bought my production PC.

What else have you got lined up for the rest of 2016?

What`s to come, well I’ve got a track with the legendary MC Fearless called assassin. I will have various tracks coming out on Vengeance Recordings, Hustlin beats, Rolling beat records, Allowance Records, Cutting edge and the label that’s just come back out of retirement… Deadly Records. Djing wise I have taken a backseat to concentrate on production for the next couple of years, there is many avenue’s I need to explore with production and it is endless.

Finally anything you would like to add or thanks?

I would like to say thanks you to Byron Townsend for everything he has done and believing in me while taking me under his wing. I could not have asked for a better person to work with regarding Music. Also to Peter O’Shea at Allowance records for giving me advice and signing a lot of my projects. Finally to everyone that supports my music

Some of the places to keep up with what Chris is doing: