These guy’s have been on my radar for sometime now and with the amazing Minimal Funk Project on Playaz, it’s time we spoke to the rising stars. A great interview so thank you all involved in making this happen. I really rate these guy’s and this Album is in my best of 2016, they will be touring here in August. I for one will try and catch them!

Hey guys can you tell us about yourselves and where did you come up with your name “Jam Thieves”?

We’re Jam Thieves, a producer project made by myself Guilherme and my brother João Neto. I’m 24 years old, and he is 29. We’re from São Paulo, Brazil, and we represent Drum & Bass and Jungle. Our music is “thief’s music” — minimal beats, a few vocal elements, and a lot of baseline.

Before Jam Thieves we had a project called Decks Groove, but it wasn’t a producer project, it was a DJ project (we used to play with 4 decks at the time, but in Brazil it doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t produce). So in 2007 we decided to stop with Decks Groove and start a new project with music production. In our conception the Drum & Bass minimal deep rollers is a “thief” style, like Notorious BIG, 2Pac, KRS-One among others in hip hop, so we had to create a name related to it. We grew up in a really poor neighbourhood in Sao Paulo and the word “thief” was always following us, and for everything in our lives we had to make our way. If we wanted to have expensive tennis shoes or clothes we had to improvise. From there on we put together those two things and created the Jam Thieves, the name was done strategically like a way to protest.


Having liked many of your previous releases, I was very happy to have received your latest. The Minimal Funk Project on Playaz, is your best Music to date for me, it’s my pick of month release wise and it’s just quality throughout. Can you give us a little insight into the project?

The project was made music by music separately, DJ Hype put it together and selected everything. It was an old idea of doing some music with samples from James Brown and in the beat of tune minimal funk the sample fit in perfectly. The others songs also has samples of Curtis Mayfield, Chaka Khan and a lot of conversations of Mafioso gangsters of the 50s.


You have managed to craft something that should have mass appeal. It’s covering so many D&B styles, using those parts to great effect but also retaining your own style or influence. Does that make it harder with the project having a name or direction from the start?

The album is well diversified, with many strong songs. A lot of them could be the project name but we and Hype understood that tune Minimal Funk is stronger and may be the most remarkable of the album, so that’s way it was chosen as the title project.


There are many established and upcoming Brazilian producers, are there any that you think we should keep an eye out for?

There is a new producer that is going in a good way, but he is still learning how to produce and might have a great future, he is called Black Opps.


I am really loving the direction that the Playaz is now heading, it has an excellent mix of styles and flavours, but most importantly it’s retaining ingenuity and quality. Having already released under sister label New Playaz, did you feel you need to step up your game? Because you did!

DJ Hype is the first person to receive the Jam Thieves’ music since 2013. Signing to Playaz was always a dream and our goal. In 2014 Hype started playing some ours songs in Kiss fm. In 2015 he thought that we were ready for a project on New Playaz. I always said to him in ours emails that our desire was to be an exclusive Playaz artist and in 2016 Hype wanted Jam Thieves as an exclusive artist. I don’t think we needed to step up or not, I think that Hype knew the right time to bring Jam Thieves to Playaz.


What else are you guy’s working on that you can talk about or will be released this year?

We have another song made with Bass Brothers that’ll be on their EP. We also made a remix for Potential Badboy and we have many others new songs ready, but about another release this year, you have to ask Mr Hype LOL


For those wanting to see you guys play out, will you be playing in the UK anytime this year?

We will be in UK this year. We will make a big tour with 45 days of duration starting in August 26.


Finally, is there anything you would like to add or say thanks etc?

We want to do a huge thank to our bosses: Kevin, Pascal and Chris. These 3 guys are very important in our lives. A big shout to Martin Ping and all Down ‘n’ Dirty’s crew and all who follow our work, God bless you guys.