It’s that time of Month again, for my selections of whats good right now in D&B. We have some brand new Signs on Piranha Pool, The Entropy remixes and plenty more…


Plasma Collaborative 4 (Kolectiv/Survey) – A bunch of notes/ Circular logic [Plasma Audio]

2 Deeper tunes right here. Melbourne based Plasma Audio bringing 2 great producers and putting them on their latest outing. Kolectiv’s a bunch of notes, is a deep soulful track. Excellent production, great beats and keeping that Tech feel we love. Survey opt’s for a little bit more strength in his track. Circular logic, is one of those excellent modern D&B tunes. Well made, Bass is fat and with all that still cutting edge. 2 tracks for the heads here.

VA – Versus LP [Free Love Digi]

Hidden Gem alert! I won’t proclaim to have heard of Free Love Digi prior to this promo, but I did notice some very renowned names among the Artists. Artists such as Sinstarr, Fade, ATIC (one to watch) plus many more. The LP in its entirety is quality, it has various styles to cater for most. If you’re not a sheep and don’t follow the masses, this is likely the very thing you’re looking for…true D&B. I have attached a mix as the link which showcases the tracks and is worth a listen. Tracks of note are: Fade – Organic, Gorteks – Reality, Resound & Quentin Hiatus – Homestar and Stunna – Inside Love. If you a purveyor of the high end D&B this is you.


Hypoxia – Anova EP [Eatbrain]

Sorry if it’s all getting a little predictable with Eatbrain featuring pretty much every month, but there is a reason, they can do no wrong right now! The latest offering dare I say it is one of the best from the premier Neurofunk label. They really are earning that title right now. This time we have the Belgium duo Hypoxia. This is one hell of an EP. It’s all gritty, grimey and distorted Basslines. It’s like that part of town you really are unsure of, bit dodgy but exciting as fuck. All 4 tracks are good, but you need to check out Stockholm syndrome’s warped sounds and the best of all for last. Profanity, apt title really. As it drops, you swear and immediately grimace with your Bassface, scarring small Children and Animals alike. It’s time for an Acronym…HAF. Heavy as Fuck! Check it out, if you’re loving the fire and peak time vibes, this is you. Also watch for forthcoming bits with Eatbrain.


Macky Gee – Sharks/Nuthouse [System Shock]

More Jump up styles from me?!? Indeed! System Shock is back, firing as ever. 3 tracks on this release, including Callide’s remix of Sharks. I say Jump up, but its more than that. The tracks have that edge and energy of Jump up, but they also have depth and quality in production. Oh and fire, lots and lots of fire! Big fan of System Shock, this from Macky Gee is capturing that Energy that the label puts out. Nuthouse, has pacey beats and bangs with a lovely midpoint breakdown. Sharks is the better track, both versions are different but both capture the Energy of the Rave. The original is a Jump up infused Roller, with a tearing set of beats. The Callide remix is more steppy, adding a hint of steroids and beefing it up and making excellent use of the samples. If you know System Shock and you should, you know what to expect. Pleasing stuff from Macky Gee and Callide.

Signs – Clockout/Acid test [Piranha Pool]

Late entry this, arriving in my inbox as I started my reviews and instantly being added. Signs are on the rise right now following on from their success with Eatbrain, they are on Ed Rush’s label this time. If you have heard a banging peak time or Neuro mix in the last 6 months, you will have heard Clockout in one of its guises. With that said it’s had some additions and tweaks for the release. Heavy chords on the intro and sample pre drop. The drop itself is heavy as expected. The Bass has some serious Sub in it!!! Much like Percuss, but better. It has a Clockwork sound, as may appear obvious with the title, repetitive and edgy. Big track. Not content with that track alone, we have Acidtest on the flip.( not that this is vinyl, showing my age!) What do you reckon the chances are of a little Acid flavour on this, yeah. Heavy Acid sounds, firing Neurofunk and masses of Energy. 2nd release and Piranha Pool has 2 big releases. Ed, when do we get the 3rd?????

Jam Thieves – City on Fire EP [New Playaz]

Loving all the Playaz output right now. The sister label New Playaz gives us an excellent rolling EP courtesy of Jam Thieves. Hailing from Brazil, Jam Thieves have created a really good EP. 4 tracks, all excellently produced. This is a rollers affair with added Techy influences, a hint of menace and darkness. If you play this loud and have great speakers, watch the levels as the subs on some of the tracks are LOUD. I will focus on 2 tracks in Hustler and the Ghetto. Hustler is fantastic, dirty rolling Bass, added steppy beats and grimy Tech. Oh and that little bit of Sub to terrify small Children and the Elderly. The Ghetto, again the Subs on this are deep. This deeper with the Tech style. When listening, I thought a D&B film Noir sound. Yeah descriptive as hell right! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Looking for some Dark rollout, this one.

Icicle – Entropy remixed [Shogun]

5 great tracks, all from the Excellent Entropy LP by Mr Freeze, lovingly remixed by some of the biggest names in D&B. The likes of Joe Ford, Phace, Black Sun Empire, Ulterior Motive and Proxima. If like me you have been waiting for this, wait no longer. Every remix is worthy, each adding its own take on the original and all good. We all know the Dreadnaught, Phace takes a classic and adds his own brand of fire to it. The result…a huge track. All of the remixes are worthy of your ear and hard earned cash. For me one stands out above all the rest. Isolation ft Mefjus was a personal off the LP, so it was the first track I listened to when the promo landed. It did not disappoint, if you only listen to one track out of all my selections I hope it’s this. It has both the trademark Icicle/Mefjus influence and Proxima adds to that. Creating a monster of a track. I love it. This will have something you like in it’s tracks.

VA – 5 years EP part 1 [Dutty Audio]

When can we get part 2!?! Dutty have long been a feature in my D&B world, they have a fantastic nay marvellous back catalogue. Celebrating 5 years in the game BTK’s label have refreshed some of those tracks. With the likes of Emperor, Maztek, Mindscape and the delightful Kyrist on remix duties, Vini means business. Remixes include: Level 2 – Nothing to fear, Optiv & BTK – Let it loose, Maztek – Sinestesia and Mindscape ft Coppa – Do it like this. Each track is really good so please do check them out. 2 are absolute belters!!! The Maztek remix of Do it like this and Mindscapes remix of Maztek – Sinestesia are just pure peak time madness. Maztek’s output no is 2nd to none and Mindscape add’s fierceness to an already powerful track. Not to leave out Emperor who adds his unique Bass heavy style to Optiv & BTK – Let it loose. Last but not least Kyrist reworks Level 2 – Nothing to fear, improving this and still retaining her cutting edge feel to her tracks.

Break – Simpler Times LP Sampler [Symmetry]

This is a taste of the much anticipated Break LP, Simpler Times. There is little that can be said about producers such a Break, that hasn’t already been said. There are not enough superlatives in the English language, that doesn’t mean I am suddenly leaving my native tongue to dive headfirst into some long lost Language haha In short it’s going to be a great LP and with these 2 tracks it’s all quality. His Musical influence is apparent as ever, his immense production values and lovely Bass on show. 2 great tracks with percussion and beats you know are excellent. The title track of the LP Simpler Times ft Kyo is showcasing the more melodic, lighter and soulful side of Breaks Repeatoire. Complimenting that is the other side to Break, the one I love. Top Shooter wasn’t going to be all Disney samples and happy times. This is one of the best use of Bass I have heard in some time, its depth and complexity for want of a better word is great. I love this track, I can’t actually explain the basslines in this track as they are in Breaks style, but as with some of his best stuff, they are unique.

Blah – Gravitate [unsigned]

I really don’t get the time I used to, to trawl through Soundcloud finding little treasures. As with many of the recent finds, I step out the room for a minute and it’s skipped tracks selecting its wisdom something it thinks I will like. In this instance, it did. So may I present to you Blah. After a little research and forgive me if I am wrong, this guy hails from the Midlands, UK. I am not sure why this is unsigned as I will play this and its better than many tracks I have heard that are signed. This track is free, so you can all get your grubby little mitts on this today. With that said, I will leave it to you. The vibe on this track is just right, it’s got fire, it’s got the rollout out, its well-made and still simple. It has a lovely little melodic element. I liked it enough to include it so check it out. Oh and did I mention it’s free, who doesn’t love the freeness!!!!