Now is the time to get to know Flexout Audio, the London based D&B label is on fire right now!! With a recent spate of high quality tracks and an Event coming up this Saturday at the Silver Bullet Finsbury Park which Nu:sounds shall be attending, I caught up with Retraflex…


Hello mate, for those who do not already know you or Flexout Audio, tell us a little bit about yourself and the label?

Hello! My names Tom and I’m part of a DJ/Producer trio called Retraflex and we run a little record label called Flexout Audio! It’s pretty much about covering all styles of Drum and Bass for us, we don’t want to be pigeonholed, our DJ sets are varied and this is reflected in the sound of our label.


You have recently moved venue for your events, to the Silver Bullet Finsbury Park. Can you tell us a little about the line-up and are there still tickets available?

That’s right! I got to know the venue through the Ivy Lab guys and their night 20/20 it’s the perfect venue for what we want to do. On the night joining ourselves on selection duties we have Shiver, Transparent, Taelimb & Conscience and a very special guest in the form Critical’s Hyroglifics. There is also talk of Amoss popping down to spin a couple back to back with me so it’s basically just all the Flexout family having a party and showcasing new music. There are still tickets left and you’ll be able to get some on the door too, if like me your unorganised and never know what you’re doing till the last minute!


Flexout has always had the Undergound’s ear, with that said your recent releases being so well received, has this drawn in more fans?

It’s really hard to tell how well the record label is doing to be honest, to use my favourite saying ‘it’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame’ but it does feel like it’s gaining momentum. Record labels are a slow burner I think but it’s good to see artists that we have worked with getting picked up by the bigger labels. I suppose we are a bit of stepping stone label at the moment but moving forward in trying to create more of a core group of artists like some of the big boy labels have It’s hard though because obviously if Kasra or Ant TC1 hits you up and asks you to join Critical or Disptach you’re not gonna say no!


Your current release is by Conscience, 2 tracks called U make me feel & Without Sleep. We are going to have a little chat with Conscience as well. So what’s the next release you have lined up?

The release following this one is actually from my good friends and flatmates Andy & James aka Amoss, its made up of 3 tracks that we all thought would suit Flexout and it’s great to have them involved with the label.


I have been really impressed with the continuingly improving quality of output by Flexout. I also know I am not the only person in Scene to think so. Times like this, you must be feeling pretty happy right now?

I would have to say I agree with you to be honest mate. There was a time about a year ago where I thought about stopping Flexout Audio. Maybe starting up a new label from scratch just because I felt like I’d learnt a lot and could do a better job of it. I chose to stick with it because I don’t think it’s a bad thing that people can see the journey we’ve been on since starting the label. I am happy with how things are but I do feel like I’m still learning and I can still tweak the machine to take things up to another level, I also want to release more music as Retraflex but I get really easily distracted by girls and Pubs, Joe Retraflex is a good influence on me though we have got some bits on the go and I’m looking forward to releasing them!


We have been very lucky to have had a mix included by you. Can we expect to hear some future Flexout DUBS?

Yes! I’m terrible actually all my mixes normally consist mostly of forthcoming flexout stuff I need to get into the habit of playing some older stuff and other peoples tunes cos there’s so much good stuff out there right now!


Finally, what does the future hold for both you and Flexout?

Just planning to keep on doing what I’m doing really, it’s a labour of love and I love doing it. I still love Drum and Bass just as much as I did 10 years ago but I do really want to Release more stuff as Retraflex and that’s the main aim right now. I really got to spend less time down the pub and more time in the studio.


So with all that said, be sure to come to the event. It’s at the Silver Bullet Finsbury Park, Opposite the Tube. It’s £3 and I posted the details here:

The Flexout Audio famalam takeover The Silver Bullet (opposite Finsbury Park tube station) for one night only expect a line-up containing the freshest drum and bass artists and an electric house party esque, vibesy as fuck atmosphere with a room full of people who love proper drum and bass! Earlybird tickets are only £3 but will go up once the Secret Guest is announced…


If your looking for a decent pub to go to before hand we highly recommend ‘The Full Back’ which is just down the road and has a wicked beer garden – that’s where we will be anyway!


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