Ahead of the release of his new album ‘Long Road’ I catch up with Glenn Physics


Ez Glenn, For those new to Physics could you give us a little overview on how you got into music?

I started out as a breakbeat/hiphop dj back in the day around 96-97, I hadn’t really heard much jungle/drum&bass back then, as it was rather hard to come by out here

Then one day one of my mates who was a avid music fan and vinyl collectors gave me a vinyl record and a CD he had found in a shop to listen too as he tought they would go well with the kinda stuff I was into at the time. The CD was “Enforcers : Above The Law” on Reinforced and the Vinyl LP was Dope Dragon from the Full Cycle camp. No turning back after that really….


You’ve had releases and some wicked labels, what have been your personal favorites to date?

There have been many tracks I liked personally over the years but they haven’t necessarily been that big tracks. But when it comes to best known tracks it’s surely “Dreamworld” on Blindside from 2004. It was championed by DJ:s such as Marcus Intalex, Marky and of course D-bridge who later delivered a wicked remix of it. Must send a big shout out to Danny Blindside for always supporting me and my music. Look out for a new remix of “Dreamworld” coming on my new LP “Long Road” by one of Brazils finest up & coming producers Andrezz from the V camp! One of my own personal favorites is a track me and XRS made as a collab on the now defunct Jerona Fruits label called “Sands Of Time”, I was really happy with that one and working with XRS at the time was really a big thing for me.


Your new album the ‘Long Road’ drops next month, how did you approach writing an album?

Well it really is a long story, or Long Road if you want. I had plans to write an album for quite a few years since i finished my last LP on my own Label Midnight sun in 2010. In 2014 i really started the work on a new album but in march 2014 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer that slowed the work process down on the LP but I also think it really gave me a perspective on what i wanted to express emotionally with the music. I also think it was essential in fighting the disease and keeping my mood up. I would not have had something to look forward too i’m not sure I would be here answering these questions today about it. I have now recovered almost 100% and I am in remission, and attend regular check ups. It was a really important thing for me to get the album done, a milestone for me if you want to call it that. I was lucky enough to be working with some amazing musicians to help me out in writing this album such as singer / songwriter / vocalist Jere Garcia (check out his band Grease Helmet) , vocalist Dave Ashton and of course the talented producer Andrezz from Brazil.



You’re probably best known for you liquid sound but I’d say the album covers more than just that, would you agree?

Yes agreed 100%. I guess i’m pretty much labeled as a “liquid” artist, but personally I think my production covers much more than that. I have written all kinds of stuff and if you listen to my last LP “Life In Cycles” from 2010 you won’t find many “liquid” tracks on there. I enjoy switching it up to keep it interesting, and also as a DJ I enjoy playing over the whole spectrum. I’m a generation that grew up listening to DJ:s like Randall & DJ Storm who always played all styles as long as the tunes where good and that’s what I have tried to do also.


I was chuffed to see Andrezz’s remix of Dreamworld included in the track list, how did that come about?

I’m always about giving a chance to “new” producers & DJ:s as that is how the scene evolves and develops and i love what the Brazilians are doing! I think Andrezz is a great producer and deserved to show what he could come up with remixing this track. “Dreamworld” was also a very popular track in Brazil ( I think i’ll have to thank Marky ) that got played a lot at the nights over there so i thought it would be a great idea to involve a Brazilian producer with doing a remix for it.


Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

There are so many! Drum & Bass wise it’s most definitely above mentioned DJ:s Randall & Storm (who both have supported me so much, forever grateful for that), Bukem, Goldie, Phil Source, Seba & Paradox, the old guard really to be honest, i grew up listening and finding out about that stuff. I also listen to a lot of HipHop, mostly 90s stuff really but I like some of these new Cats too like Joey Bada$$..I listen to a lot of jazz too from Sun Ra to Miles Davis. Bottom line is it has to have a groove & some funk in it 😉


Any gigs lined up for the near future?

Yes! now that i’m allowed to travel again (after the illness) i’m back on the road and promoting my forthcoming LP and i just played this weekend with Paradox doing his live PA here in my native Helsinki. Next month im doing a show in Sweden in Gothenburg for the Frequency crew, and some shows over here across Finland. Also doing a festival here in the summer called KosMos Festival that will see a huge Drum & Bass lineup.  I got some stuff lined up for the UK & Germany in the summertime and of course Sun & Bass festival in Sardinia (hope to see everyone there!!) in September. If you want to book a show for the album launch tour please contact me on glenn@digital-tunes.net !