New Producer Basic Forces is about to drop an EP on SoulFlex DNB so I caught up with him for a chinwag

Could you start by introducing yourself and what got you into drum and bass?

Hi. I am Brian Talbot AKA Basic Forces. I am originally From Birmingham, England but I am living in Spain these days.
I have been massively into drum and bass since High School so it´s been around 16 years or so now. I think it was Adam F´s “Metropolis” on Metalheadz that sealed my obsession with this scene. I can only describe the feeling I get when I hear that 174bpm beat as pure bliss, nothing else in music comes close.

How would describe your production style?

Tough question as I am just starting to find out what the hell I am doing.
I guess you can can me a Liquid producer but I want to work on all types of “sub genres” in the scene.
I am just trying to get as many vibes into my Music as I can. I am not really that Technical with my production I am working that out day by day. I can sometimes work on a track and get ideas down in a day, sometimes I can sit staring at the screen frustrated. I think once get a good beat down or hear a wicked sample I can write around I am off on one!

Tell us about your new release on Soul Flex?

The guys at Soul Flex are wicked. I have had Massive support from Andy and DJ Dubsta since Day 1. I had sent them 4 tracks that they wanted to put out as the EP but not a single one of them is on it haha. I spent a few months writing new tunes as I wasn´t happy with them. I find everyday I learn something new and I want to scrap my back catalogue, change my name and start again
but once I had got these tracks finished I was happy with them, finally.
I didn´t have any agenda with this EP or any of my music to be honest. I want to make each track different from the first and all with some Character, that my aim in all my music.

You’ve also given away a free track to go with the EP?

Yeah. The guys at Soul Flex are cool like that, they give away loads of quality Music. It´s a bit moody and deeper than my usual stuff, I am singing on this so it´s a honour for me to actually have some music with my voice on it although the lyrics are a bit depressing. I must have been going through a bad patch or something haha.

Anything in the pipeline for future releases?

I have a Single Collab release with Kurruptdata coming out on Influenza in the near Future and also 2 tracks on Soul Deep, again I am singing on these.
I am also re working another EP on DNBB Records in Brazil. It almost got released last week but I stopped it. I wasn’t happy with my mix downs, I think sometimes I should draw a line under the work or I will go crazy! and on top of that I have a track called ‘Patterns’ forthcoming on Fluid State Recordings

Anything else you’d like to tell us about?

Yeah. I am now Co Managing Complex Records with Kurruptdata and we will be re launching the label real soon and we also have a Drum and Bass Show Every second Friday on Rood FM.