Carlo EQ catches up with liquid producer Muwookie…


Hi Jeff how goes?

Hi Carlo, Works ok not great but pays the bills, was diagnosed with membranous Nephropathy a year ago which i’m dealing with… so yeah just rolling through life and its hurdles.


Been a few years since the SDR release , any plans for future releases with them? Or other labels ?

Yes always a chance of another release on any label who would have me to be honest, at the moment its liquid flavours. Album, 5 tracks left to do. With work its time i need…


Do you use vst’s and if so what’s your go to synth?

Yes, I use a combination of VST, VST Instruments and DSP plug-ins. I’m more of a sampler guy rather than synth guy however i do have a basstation keyboard (hardware synth) i used from time to time.


Do you play any instruments ?

I kinda did the rounds and roughly play keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums. Stems from my father who played the guitar and gave me the opportunity to play the others. My first sampler was when i was a kid, my dad bought me a casio keyboard with a sampler on it… You could record your voice and play it on the keys.. loads of fun as a kid…


Favourite producer / DJ?

Blimey.. 2017 Break. Last track I heard from break blue me away.. So many that i have admired and have been influence by over time. not just in drum and bass but in jungle, Garage, House, R&B, UKG, Hip Hop, and dabbled in a bit of footwork recently.


Why do you make music ?

Think it was due to a little bit of frustrations when I was Dj’ing with friends at the time. not being able to get the tunes i wanted plus i think it was the next logical step. I played at a gig once in bath along side Suv, i was so nervous and all i had running through my mind was omg Suvs on next.. JeffMac as i was known as, broke out in a sweat, lost it. Think that was the turning point and so the journey began. wish i kept the flyer.


What monitors/headphones do you use and do you do the traditional “car test” ?

OK, so glad you asked me that. yes I used to do the car test when i was working with Tannoy Reveals as they were a passive monitor and you really need the room setup properly, bass traps etc to really get a grip of what the sub was doing. So car tests was kinda swamped by sub.. I just couldn’t monitor it properly and almost imagined what it was like only to be disappointed with the car test… Did a bit of research and found a company designing monitors with a club feel, 2.1 active near field monitors called blueskies. Car test were great after that as i could monitor the sub. All near field so it was perfect for me.


How do you normally go about starting a new track?

I start with the break, 8 bars adding flicks and turns, then i look for a hook by jumping on the keyboard.. build go from there really..


Favourite bpm ?

120, 135, 160, 175,


The rowpeices remix of “memories” is really nice , how did that come about?

I know…. I asked him to do it.. In fact I’ve asked quite a few and I would have loved a Calibre Remix


Do you go to many Dnb nights ?

Only when asked and if i can get there, i have one local gig this year, playing for Loco sounds in my home town on the 27th august.


Tea or coffee ?

One coffee a day but tea on the occasions.


Favourite biscuit?

When I ate biscuits, has to be chocolate digestive or hobknobb.


What do you like to do in your spare time when you are not producing?

Computers, trying new tech if i can get my hands on it, hackintosh is fun. Movies usual stuff 😉

Thanks for your time , looking forward to hearing more from Muwookie in the near future