Happy Friday people, Carlos from the might Demand imprint gives us an insight into the label…

Firstly sum up Demand records & who makes up the team?

Hey mate, My name is Carlos and I launched Demand together with my bestie Andy. We have both surpassed the big 3 in age and we both live in/around Zurich, Switzerland. I’m focusing on most of the communication work & counting numbers, sourcing demos whereas Andy is the guy helping with designs and giving his opinion on the tracks. I remember the day I called him from the train somewhere in Spring 2010 when I told him about the idea of launching a label. There was no active Drum & Bass label in Switzerland although the scene was thriving with Parties all over the country. In February 2011 we launched the label with the first release teaming up with my Brazilian buddy ‘BTK’, who at the time lived in Bern, Switzerland and a flip consisting of a Spectrasoul Remix. Nowadays BTK is aka Vinicious Honorio (check his music!) competing in black t-shirts wearing contests (luv u viado ;-))

You have a series called Selects. Now up to #7 with SubMarine, for me as a critic its been spot on. Quality throughout as the series names suggests. Where did the idea come from etc?

It all started with having signed a couple of tracks from different artists. When thinking what to do with it, we felt like there’s a need for various artist EPs as everything was and still is so artist centric. When we got the first 2 EPs together, as they musically worked well, we wanted to start something new that would give this an overall theme. After that it naturally progressed in signing artist EPs with Owneath, Andy Pain and now SubMarine. We still wanted to give these people an extra platform for their own music. As well after 5 years in the game we wanted to diversify our catalogue & step away from the traditional Demand Records moniker for a bit.

I’m happy you like it. I guess we’re known for not taking everything we get sent. I still regret not signing a few tracks along the way when we had a chance to but overall quality is a very important factor here although it’s always very subjective.

Demand has been going for several years now and again has some great quality releases. What would you say is the biggest achievement or your favourite release and why?

While we subconsciously always hope to get into top 10s and sell loads of units,  I think our biggest achievement is our honesty & transparency towards our artists. Before we started Demand I was lurking around in forums like DOA and sucked up I could about the scene. I was so disappointed in seeing how some artists being treated to a level of needing to post it up on an online forum. A lot of labels literarily didn’t care about their artists. I believe this hurt the scene. Great producers left the genre/music because of that. Thankfully this changed now to some extent thanks to the people and technology but we kind of wanted to be a counterpoint at that time and bring fairness into the scene.

It’s not that we have established anyone’s career but I’m also proud of bringing up new names and help them get their music heard.

Funny enough sales wise our biggest release was our first release. Honestly I couldn’t tell you my favourite release it changes from month to month. Right now I love Backshift by SubMarine – a musical journey by a great talent.

What can we expect for the rest of 2017 for both Demand and the series?

Up next on Selects we have a soulful/liquid EP by some guys I feel like are overlooked called NotioN. I just fell in love with this recent batch of tunes they sent me. I had my issues with the mix-downs because they are all about the vibe but just got back the masters and I’m excited on how this will be received. On Demand itself we have another EP forthcoming by EastColors who we have signed exclusively this year, which we’re also excited about. There should be another butler covered vinyl release on our other series called ‘Requisites’ and towards the end of the year a bit of a bigger project with RoyGreen, Protone & Friends… among other things 😉

For me your label is about quality, something some other labels could take heed from. Do you agree with quality of quantity in D&B?

Thank you! I’ve brought up this topic from time to time on twitter. We are heading in a direction where most of the major labels have a release every two weeks or even every week. I don’t think this is actually helping the artists music & the scene. You see people complaining about not having the same amount of classics or longevity in general and this is a major factor playing into this. I understand for some this is adding up in numbers and therefor they do it. A constant stream of music secures the labels spot in the featured lists but I can’t see that going well in the long run for everyone. Releases have no space to breathe because of the sheer amount that is being released, albeit there is a lot of trash out there also. We have always put out 6-8 releases a year and have now upped a bit with 7 releases in the last 8-9 months. Nowadays we are aiming at something in between monthly and bi-monthly depending on what we get sent and when we got the time to do the work so for us it will always be quality over quantity.

Finally anything you would like to add?

Thanks a lot Dan / Nu:sounds giving us a platform. Keep on doing what you’re doing, these independent formats are very important for the scene.

Sending love to all our artists who have trusted us in releasing their music and obviously everyone supporting the scene & artists in and around D&B.




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