Always nice to speak to a producer who’s head isn’t firmly up his own arse! I don’t often say this but I found this interview both reassuring & insightful. Over to you Tyke…

How did you choose your producing name?

I came about Tyke from my graffiti days, it stemmed from being a bit of a naughty school boy! Although I done well and learned a lot at school I was always the class clown! Even recently I done a course at a University and felt it coming back out again!

In a time where D&B is awash with shit music, you have produced a mustard EP for Playaz. They must come is a quality EP. True to the label, your own style & still pushing it on. Tell us about the release?

Firstly thanks for the comments. It was precisely the points you mentioned above why me Hazard and Hype sat down prior to the start of it and made sure that I wasn’t gonner just rinse an EP out for the sake of it. Me and Hazard both agreed that this EP has to be my best, anything else isn’t gonner stand. It’s too easy these days to release for the sake of releasing. It’s high time though now, that us as producers need to take responsibility and go back to the days of releasing because something is the best you can do or extremely different to other things at that time. How else can we expect to stand out in such a fast moving Music scene? It was a fun EP to make, I learned loads of new things about myself making it and technically as well.

You have been involved with Playaz for a while now, for me it’s really pushing it’s own sounds at the minute. Not generic or bland but retaining that edge DNB needs. How do you feel the label is performing right now?

Well you have hit the nail on the head, its grass roots DNB. I think the positive thing about it is that every artist that is on the label has their own sound, their own uniqueness, there are too many labels with artists that are all trying to sound exactly the same, it baffles me.

You have a long history in the Drum & Bass scene, what are we doing right at the moment? What could we do better?

We could all get along better. If say DNB is DNB to me but sub-genre to sub-genre there’s so many people who have become anal over what they listen to. Embrace every side of DNB and then reap the rewards. But at the same time I believe DNB is as big as I’ve ever seen it, all over the world it’s still growing and growing.

Back to the EP. Favourite track? Mine is Galvanised for the record, filthy rolling tune!

Well I’m glad you said that as it was my least favourite one and the one I was less confident about. Hype and Hazard assured me it was the best, goes to show how much I know. For me it’s Planet Merk just technically everything just works but to get a reaction from the crowd it has to be Cosmos.

I love the artwork on this EP, how much input do you have on that and who is the artist?

Quite a bit normally but this time I was happy after the first draft. He done a pretty good job and in terms of who it is that’s a question for Pascal.

This EP is full of samples and humour! Some heads are way too serious to use a Bananaman sample haha. How do you come by these?? (Something that was always in early Rave and lost a little now is the sense of humour, so good work mate)

For me when you take music to serious it becomes stiff and constipated. When you relax , chill and let it flow whilst having a laugh that’s when the magic happens. I really have to be in a sampling mood sometimes for it to work well, it’s difficult to switch off from the creative process of making tunes to find samples or what not. These days I have a tune nearly done and I’m looking for a hook or sample I normally have my laptop or the TV running in the background whilst working and the odd time I’ll stumble on something that for me works.

Steadily rolling out EP’s can we expect an LP soon? What else do you have in store for 2017?

I think for 2017 my aim would be another EP, but with Music you never really know but that’s my aim. On the LP front unless someone can afford to give me 6 months of living expenses it’s never really gonner work. If I take 6 months to year off to make an LP then I’ll soon be forgotten such is the Music scene at the minute so it would have to be financially feasible. I’m also pretty sure at my pace and with wanting it to be the best it can be it would take me a while.

Finally, anything you would like to add?

I would like to give a huge thanks to DJ Hazard, he’s been a good friend for over 6 years now and he really helped me to get back on track creatively as I feel I lost my way a bit over the past couple of years!

The EP is out today!!! Check it out and buy it here:


Facebook: /TykePlayaz