Basic Forces takes us through the highlights of Techniques’ latest compilation…

With the summer truly beating down on us already with these early sunrises and late lazy days and blistering heat Technique Recordings have released a monster compilation of pure sunny and festival ready vibes.

51 tracks and 2 continuous mixes from Muffler sets the tone for what will hopefully be a beautiful summer here in the UK.

Here are Nu:sounds​ stand out tracks:

Javano’s – United As One
Rolling beats and wobbly bass lines are always a winner on our playlist. Lush delayed vocal snippets and filtered beautiful strings bring space and vibes to this killer track. Javano showing his promise as a great producer


Casey Jones – False Truths
Smooth as you like. Casey Jones’s deep slap bass and guitar driven roller with its funk style breakdowns and soulful vocals really screams out summer’s days are finally here


Document One – Same You
Beautifully produced, exceptional vocals, tight beats and melodic bass with uplifting musical elements round off this warm and rich liquid track. Check out UH HUH for even more vibes!


Kronology – Star In A Jar
This hypnotic, bouncy, synth heavy track with it minimal drums, tight percussion and epic uplifting dancefloor vibes is certainly a stand out track on this mixed bunch Album. This is certainly one those pieces of music that keep you entertained start to finish.


Audiosketch, Surplus feat Critical Event – Not Again
This trio have put their creative heads together with this lovely reecey bass roller. Snappy beats and harmonious vibes with gorgeous female vocals definitely fit those warmer days.


Brian Brainstorm – The Trophy
Amen rollers are always going to be heard when the sun is out and this one is especially for those cruising around in their car with the windows down. Smashing dangerous jungle breaks and big heavy reece bass, luscious pads and dub vibes, what more can you ask for? An absolute winner showing exactly how diverse this Album is but still sticking with that Summer concept!


Schematic and Polaris – So Long
Deep vibes from the start with this rolling, piano driven, uplifting and progressive track. Skipping beats and warm sub bass with an epic breakdown that will have you reaching up to that beautiful blue sky during festival season as it slowly approaches us.

Our selection off this album barely even showcases the amazing 51 exceptional tracks from the likes of Matrix and Futurebound, Aquasky and L Plus. There is no doubt this Album is your go to Summer Soundtrack.


Legends in the game and Label Bosses Drumsound and Bassline Smith certainly know how to pick them!