Think this is the 2nd time I have had the pleasure of some words from these guys. If like me you like the erogenous zone to be beaten with Bass you probably like Neonlight too…

Firstly who makes up Neonlight?

Two dudes called Jakob and Tobi hailing from Leipzig Germany. If you don´t know this place, you should go there. It´s a great city! 😊 We like to hang out in our studio and drink a lot of coffee while tweaking sounds. We both have a rich musical background, even our parents used to play in a band together. But years ago we never thought that we once would be full time musicians and DJs.

Do either of you have specific parts you like to create within Neonlight? For example Tobias does synths and Jakob creates the beats?

No, not really. But we both have our strengths’ and weaknesses. We learned to combine our skills in the studio to optimise our workflow. Jakob for example is keen in writing intros, adding soundcapes and wired fx sounds to the structures I create with beats & basslines.

The mixing process is a point we both are 100% involved. Four ears hear more than just two.

You have a new release out now on Blackout, can you tell us about the tracks?

That´s right. This single is the starting point of a little series of singles with the name #ARCOT (a random collection of tracks) we have lined up for the next months on Blackout. After our debut album “My Galactic Tale” which was a concept album from start to finish, we thought it is time to do something that is focussed on Music and feel only.

The first single features the tracks BOOM and SLAP. Both tracks came into being pretty quickly (which is not normal for us). The further plan with this #ARCOT series is not determined. But there will be more revealed!

You have been at the forefront of the harder D&B for some time and have some serious tunes. Pick one tune and why it stands out for you?

T.: That is not so easy to be honest. Well I think it´s TRIPLE B and/or THE TOWERING INFERNO, EXTRASOLAR or maybe HEAVY BETTIE……you see I can not really decide that. I also think that we did some cool collaboration with our good friend WINTERMUTE – INFLUX. Which can´t be missed on this list! I know the question was to pick ONE! 😃

J.: Well, my favourite is Towering inferno. It has a special ‚groove‘ and a lot of cool and unusual sounds. And I like the pressing atmosphere, coming from the intro and background story.

What is the DNB scene like in Leipzig or Germany for that matter?

The Drum and Bass scene in Leipzig is pretty lively and solid at the moment. Over the past 3-5 years we were involved in a party series called FAT BEMME, which brought a bunch of leading artists of the Drum and Bass scene to Leipzig (Ivy Lab, State of Mind, Emperor, Misanthrop, Jade, Nymfo an many more). Unfortunately the club had to shut down weeks ago. But in the last two years a few new promoters started making DnB Parties, so we think the scene will go on growing.

How did you get into Drum & Bass?

T.: Jakob showed me DnB first. It was around 1998 I guess. Time flies!

J.: Dancing. 😊 A good friend from school organized small DnB Parties end of the 90s. This Music was not my cup of tea. But there was a girl and I wanted to spent time with her. She went to these parties as well, and suddenly my feet started moving. (I think the tune was Beneath the Mask, from Makai).

From that moment I ignored the girl and fell in love with DnB , haha. 😉

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

We will sit in the studio with a hot cup of coffee and make new Music. There are a few remixes which we should have done really soon. A bunch of collaborations and of course new original NEONLIGHT Music is also waiting to be written.

We are lucky to be able to play again at some cool festivals this summer like LET IT ROLL and DREAMBEACH FESTIVAL.

T.: I personally really look forward to a longer holiday with my family. It´s time for a break to get new inspiration.

J.: Ah, yes vacation! I knew I forgot something lol. Also, after summer we move to a new studio. A lot of changes and improvement ahead.

Finally, anything you would like to add?

We are so happy being able to do this! Making Music, playing unbelievable show‘s around the globe, meeting sooooooo many cool DJs, promoters and people everywhere! Things are not always easy-going and It can be really hard sometimes to be honest. But it makes us feel alive.

So, BIG UP to the scene and all our fans for the support!