As a keen observer of new music, I like to watch for new names and one that has caught my eye of late has been Omtrek. Over the last 2 years the dymanic duo Darren & Jim have released EP’s on ‘Vengeance Recordings’ and ‘Kevlar Beats’ as well as their own imprint ‘Omtrek Productions’ , most of which project a unique take on the darker harder styles. I managed to grab a quick chat on the lead up to the pair’s next release, the ‘Four to the floor ep’ out 7th July.

For those not already lucky enough to have heard your productions, can you describe your musical inspirations, where it all started?

Jim: Raved since day one but For me it was the mighty photek that made me buy an ensoniq eps and a Roland 303 by inspiring me to start producing.

Darren: For me it was the mid 80.s electro sound that got me hooked on electronic music.


Your newest release ‘Four to the floor’ has a very raw industrial sound, were there any particular influences Behind the EP?

Darren:  Our music is always meant to be a journey representing our current state of mind.

Jim: Always about the journey mate each and every tune is from deep inside our heads.


What prompted you to start your own imprint?

Jim: Bored with the same bandwagon tunes for the most part and casio keyboard sounding tunes…  For the most part

Darren: Bored of people not using their own brain and following the latest trends / whatever everyone else is doing.


What else are you listening to? Any guilty pleasures?

Jim:  Lenzman, royalston, for dnb for mainstream or old skool probably average white band or the orb. Ed sheran for production and writing.

Darren: Skepta / drake. Pharrell Williams / neptunes for production


Anything else planned this year? And where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Darren: Loads of stuff to come, new artists in the pipeline.

Jim: Lots in the pipeline tunes wise and some new signings coming up and hospital records and L&D hospital lol


Oh nothing serious i hope! What would be your ultimate goal as producers?

Darren: Major label release with Hospital / V Recordings /Med school

Jim: The ultimate is Hospital / Med school for Sure


As artists, is there anyone who you would sell your soul to work with?

Darren: Personally really happy how we work as a unit, never really thought about anyone else.

Jim: Same answer


As a final thought, whats your favourite studio take away food?

Jim: Pizza or Mini Cheddars

Darren: Chocolate or cream cakes

Jim: Like always we got all courses  covered between us haha