Hello, its been a while but things at Nu:sounds will be changing or dare I say improving! New blood incoming, more reviews and content. So to kick it off, I have picked 5 from the inbox: Skynet, Coda, Neonlight, I’ll Truth and Killbox…


Killbox – Clickbait ft Rhyme Tyme (Ram)

An MC that has seen much success with Ed Rush, Rhyme Tyme is now working alongside both Ed and Audio! In case you weren’t aware Killbox is the filthy brainchild of the 2. As soon as I heard this I knew it was being picked instantly. Rhyme Tymes vocal never drown a track and Killbox use them to best effect. This is a powerful track and the best Killbox track to date. After the bars and “want some do ya?!” in drops the bass and a sound I can only describe as injured Velociraptor haha Listen and it should be apparent! Big track and look forward to more from this lot.


I’ll Truth – In your Soul EP [Symmetry]

These guys are on the move and this marks their arrival for me. They have been consistently crafting great tracks and this EP on Break’s imprint is one of the best from them. Working alongside the marvellous Satl & vocally talented Charli Brix they have produced serious quality. Two tracks stand out on a already great EP for me, In your Soul & Tear up. The title is a proper deep viber of a tune, complimenting both Satl & I’ll Truths Music, are Charli’s vocals. This is a big track. A bigger track still isTear up! Using a sample from a documentary I have seen but can’t recall, a massive half time weapon has been produced. When the old boy says run the Sub, he is not messing!! Great EP, some serious tunes and I fully expect much more from I’ll Truth.


Neonlight – Boom/ Slap [Blackout]

After the delight of In Your Soul, I will hit you with some brash D&B. Long-time fan of Tobias & Jakob. Boom is a perfect set ending tune, it has a great intro, breakdown and fade out. In between all that is a big room tune, with a decidedly chase like feel to it. Slap, now this is my kid of track!!! New wave Neuro with a switch I love at 1’28. This is the funk brought up to 2017. It’s odd but great and I love this tune.


Coda ft Serum, INJA & Soultrain – Black Magic EP [Charge recordings]

This is a great signing for Charge, it is a collection of big big tracks. These are not for the faint of heart, each tune is audio beat down. This brings back memories of early late 90’s & 2000’s when Charge was smashing the granny out of the dance. These tunes do just that. Black Magic is the biggest track on the EP for me a great collaboration with Serum. Sky ft INJA is another big tune that Hype has played on his show. Coda is one of those producers that can slip you by if you only get the force fed D&B. That is why we are here though, to sift the shit and find gems. This is my release of the month and is getting a great deal of attention and rightly so. Coda and pals, this is a big fucking EP! Released beginning of July, bag it.


Skynet – Transhumanism/ Singularity [C4C]

Skynet is back with the best of his offerings this year. Firmly slapping up the youth and saying “Tech Step is the daddy”. So happy that Tech is coming back and it’s not quite Neuro 2014 levels of saturation, for which I am now thankful! Skynet crafts these flows effortlessly and with Transhumanism it has all his trademarks. The B however is my cup of tea, with a scone…plus Jam and Clotted Cream served by Kelly Brook. You get me now?! Big tune. Not so complex its dull, it has the vibe, uses it and progresses into Tech Step glory. I love this track and just want more of this stuff please. Believe this out now or very soon.