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Artist Profile: Command Strange


A chat Dan NSD had with Command Strange last month and subsequently lost in his inbox! You can grab the excellent Circles EP on V recordings now…


For those not already familiar with your Music, can you tell us about yourself?
Well, my name is Alexey, I live in St Petersburg, Russia, originally from the sunny land of Kazakhstan. I was introduced to Drum&Bass when I was 7 years old guy, I got this influence from my big brother. I started my first steps in producing around 11 years ago. Now signed exclusively to legendary V Recordings.

Circles EP is one of the best bit’s of Music I have heard from you. Tell us about the EP?
Music production is the way that I express myself, I wanted to do an EP with 4 different styles, coz I don’t wanna stick with only one sub-genre of D&B, I love everything. I’m really happy about this EP, every tune gives 4 different moods, so people with different tastes can take one of them, or whole EP whatever they like.

You seem to effortlessly produce roller after roller, do you ever get the urge to just drop a ridiculously heavy Tech track or dreamy Liquid number?
Of course, I have been doing this for long time so I would be able to mix melodies and vibes for dreamy liquid or just the darkness and heavy groove of the tech, neuro sound. I’m on it already!

You have worked with V recordings for some time, being an Iconic imprint, do you feel you have mad it now as a producer?
V Recordings has always been one of my favorite labels, I always dreamed that one day Bryan Gee release at least one of my track. We got in good contact with Bryan, he was always excited to hear new music from me. V’s got their own way and different styles and that’s what I really like. It’s such a honour to be part of V family.


What are some of your favourites tunes right now. What’s hot?
I love every track from Serum, for example his track “Black Metal” or “Take My Breath Away” with Paul T & Edward Oberon, also mighty Random Movement delivers the best liquid, I really love each track from his recent EP “Life Is Permanent”, the whole VIVA Brazil vol.2 LP is such a masterpiece, great album, watch out for this one coming soon on V Recordings and Sun and Bass.

You have had a some great collaborative tracks so far, in an ideal world who do you want to work with?
There is a lot of great producers in the scene! Hard to chose, but I definitely want to work one day with DJ Marky, Random Movement, Serum, Bladerunner, SPY and Calibre!

You have been around some time now in D&B. What have you learned, good or bad?
I guess music has always been a dominant force in my life. I wanted always to be a part of the scene. I learned a lot of good things, I met a lot of great people, nowadays some of them are my friends, so D&B totally changed my life in a good way! Of course there is was some bad things, but it’s life, it makes me only stronger even if I did some mistakes during the way.

What else are you doing at the moment?
Now I’m trying to move to my new place, finish repair works first and then finally start to work on my new album!

What further releases can we expect for the rest of 2017?
I did plenty of new remixes for different labels, also before album we are preparing 2 EP’s to release on V. Keep your eyes open !

Finally anything you would like to add?
Many thanks for the nice chat! Big thanks to anyone that has supported my music, big respect to all D&B heads around the world. One love !