Really pleased with this interview, so without further adieu here is Section…oh and what a promo picture!!!

Who are Section and what is it you  do?

I’m James (Jay B) and I’m 37 years old father of two daughters, from Worthing, West Sussex. I work full-time as an NHS Physiotherapist.

I’m Nathan (Solley) also from Worthing and I work as a postman by day.

We have been mates for years and started making tunes together in 2006 and formed Section in 2013

Why did you start producing D&B?

Jay B – My brother bought home tapes from Sterns in 1992/3 and I was hooked! I fell in love with the Amen break, dark atmosphere and thumping subs, and I try to emulate this sound in my production today. I love the vibe and versatility of D&B and to me nothing sounds better on a rig. I started DJing in 1997 and seeing crowd react to a drop was addictive and I haven’t looked back!

Solley – Well I was writing all sorts of electronic music before I met James, and one of my goals was to hear my music on the dancefloor, so when I learned James DJ’d I started writing drum n bass so he could play it was awful! Nevertheless it was being played out! My interest in the genre progressed from there really.

Absolutely on it at the minute mate. Loved the Granite EP, some big big tunes on that. Tell us about that?

Thanks! We have been working closely with Ash-A-Tack and Tony Damage (Directors Cut) for about 5 years and they have helped us loads. We wanted to release something on Directors Cut which was different from the other tunes we have had on that label. We have also worked with Junior Red previously and we wanted him involved in the project. It was the first time we had approached a release in that way and we are all really pleased with the result and the feedback.

Not resting on your laurels, you hit us with another cracking EP. The Give us a break EP, has some deeper vibes on this. Tell us about this EP?

This is the first release on our own label Locked Up Music. The EP represents a deeper side to our sound and that is what we want to try to do with our label. The four tunes were specifically written for our debut EP and use our favourite, most influential funk breaks (hence the name!)

The EP also has our first effort at a 125BPM track. We love Breakage and we were mucking about with a Think break at that tempo and the tune came together really quickly. We have had some positive feedback from that tune so we will probably experiment with different tempos again in the future.

Tell us about Locked up music? I believe this is the debut for the imprint? Is it harder to make tunes for your own label or for someone else’s? Do they add a different vibe etc?

The dream was always to have our own label but it took a few years to build up the confidence to go it alone. We came up with the name one drunken night camping last summer and then got the wheels in motion. Despite both working full-time it wasn’t too laborious to get everything sorted.

Jay B – I guess it is more stressful making tunes for Locked Up because we set the bar so high for ourselves, but having said that we understand that it’s all the finishing touches and effort that make a tune sound professional. Personally I am more motivated to put in that level of detail for the label.

Solley – I have been finding it harder to write for the label, as I am putting a lot more pressure on myself as an artist. This is a good thing, but also frustrating at the same time. I keep telling myself quality over quantity…maybe I should chill the fuck out!

What have you got planned for both the label and you as artists?

After the first release we have a double A side from ourselves. Following that is the first instalment of our Alliance series, which features four collaborations we have done with other artists we admire. We will continue this series and already have a couple of tracks done for part 2!

We don’t currently have any exclusive tracks from other artists but we are open to that idea, so long as the tunes are what we are looking for. If you are an artist looking for tunes to be signed then email The tunes can be any genre or tempo.

In terms of progressing Section we don’t have any expectations. We would of course love to continue playing out as that is the ultimate inspiration but at this point in time we are loving making tunes and pushing the label forward.

Give us your view on any scene related topic, it can be good or bad, funny or twisted. Something you may have been wanting to get off ya chest haha

Jay B – my biggest issue with D&B is the sub-genre BS. Why can’t we just call it Jungle/D&B and stop hating on others who like a different style. Bring back eclectic DJ line ups I say!

Overall the people we chat to in the scene are sound and we have made some really good friends. I think that if you hang out with positive people then positive things happen.

Do you play out or do you focus solely on production? If so where can people check your sets?

We do DJ although we don’t play out that much because of kids and work but hopefully off the back of the label more bookings will happen over the coming months. We mainly play at Volks in Brighton. It is a grimey underground club with a good rig and a great place to meet up and test our tunes.

We are playing The Bassment radio May 25th, Policy at the Volks on June 10th, and in Southampton July 8th.

If you have to pick a tune to represent Section, like being sent into space or buried for after WW3 for posterity, what tune would you pick?

Jay B – good question! I think Ten Tonne Sound represents what we’re about and it features the amazing Junior Red, who we love working with.

Solley – mmm, I suppose I would choose Beauty & The Bass as a piece of music I am most proud of in terms of showcasing my musicality and song writing abilities to the aliens out there, but ironically it doesn’t really represent the Section sound all that much!

Finally, anything you want to add?

Jay B – Yes! I would like to thank my wife Sarah who puts up with the long hours I spend making music. I love you!

Solley – I’d like to shout out to Clement White my cousin for getting me started in music production and teaching me how to use synths and software, and also to Ashley Jackson (DJ Mace) for giving us loads of samples when we were starting out. Big up!

We would also like to thank all the DJs, promoters and label owners who have helped us try to make some headway in a scene which is notoriously difficult to succeed in. We will try to not forget anyone but apologies if we do!

Ash-A-Tack, Tony Damage, Monita, Ray Keith, DJ Hybrid, Agro, Junior Red, John Physmatics, Ill Effects, Taelimb & Conscience, Stu Rogue Beatz, Ikon-B & Crisis, DJ Wise & Lipton MC (Dream FM), Xeropoint, Bailey, Need For Mirrors, Blu Mar Ten, A-Sides, LSB, Tyke, Trouble & Maniac, Rustycee, Lotskee, Richie Weaver, DJ Uno, Livewire, Threts, Cynical Gene, Brown B, Jaybee, XTC, Cabin Fever, D Funk, Kumarachi, Soul Intent, Madcap, Dazee, Verdikt, Mentah, Marcus Tee, Kosine & Dialect, DJ Mace, Margaman, Lifestyle Music, Jawa (Everyday Junglist Podcast), Kilo & Maz (Trickstar FM) and all of the Volks creatures!

We would also like to make a special thanks to Dapz from Compound Audio who does all of our mastering, but has also been key in improving our mixes with his expert advice. Big up!

A final thanks to Nu:Sounds for the interview. Hope to catch you all out and about soon!

James and Nathan

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