Now normally we ask a producer to supply ten tracks etc. So for a little variation I asked Flite to talk about his most influential producers. So here they are…

1. Break

 Break is a huge inspiration of mine, especially in the production realm. He consistently makes dynamic tunes with exceptional taste in basslines and drumwork, I love the dark roller sound he exerts.


2. Ivy Lab

 These guys are absolutely unstoppable lately; I was hooked on their earlier deep liquid tunes like Oblique, but their efforts to coin halftime and expand that selection of 170bpm are HUGE, and I will proudly drop these guys any chance I get.


3. Fred V & Grafix

 Fred V & Grafix inspired me since my earliest memories of Drum & Bass, with tunes like Angry Jazzer and Simple Beginnings from Fred, to Room to Breathe and Find My Way, Forest Fires, and one of my new favorites Nearly There. I really love their compositional style, super euphoric.


4. Porter Robinson

 I’m really proud to have seen Porter practically start exploding when I first started making music; seeing how he went from a main stage electro house sound to practically throwing it out for Worlds. Worlds was an amazing album for me that I’ve listened to over and over. His writing and melodies always blew me away, and I love his use of video gamey style synths and soundfonts.


5. Muzzy

 Muzzy has become another new favourite of mine, partially because I’ve become very good friends with him–but really, as an artist and producer, he is outstanding at what he does and his effort into his craft is second to none that I know. I will not be surprised to see him being one of the new hugest names in Drum & Bass, especially with what he’s done with his Spectrum EP


Flite – The Cure EP [Liquicity Records]

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