A great playlist right here as Fanu steps up for our latest Influences selection…


Danny Breaks – Beat Biter
Danny was the master of bridging hip hop and DNB. Miss him!


Intense – Westside Blues
One of the original smooth rollers for me…I must’ve listened to this for hundreds of times. Vibes!


Voyager – Hypersleep
Voyager was the king of deep, floating atmospheres that just pull you right in. Alien sample is great!


Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu
Photek, master of the beats. Nobody ever touched his genius in beats.


Source Direct – A Made Up Sound
Source Direct were the champs in effortless break-switching and otherworldly vibes…


Source Direct – Black Rose
This is just pure darkness. Dark, dark, dark.


Frank De Wulf – Drums In A Grip (Wax Doctor Mix)
From Logical Progression era, when people were putting music into DNB without any rules.


Dillinja – Armored D
Signature Dillinja darkness. Ruthless is the word!


Photek – Consciousness
Another masterpiece that shows Photek did it like no-one else did. Untouchable.


Om Unit – Ulysses
I don’t think post-2000 bass music has influenced me much, but Om Unit started a whole movement in dynamics and rhythm


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