It’s been a while since I have chatted with the main culprits for bringing the funk back to D&B, so let’s see what Document One have been doing since we last spoke…

(I would just like to add that it’s always a pleasure to see a full and varied interview. Respect for that lad’s)

Hello guy’s, it’s been just under a year and half since we last spoke after, I got a fever. This time round it’s another huge set of tracks in the 7th Dimension EP. Can you give us a breakdown of the EP?

Part of the criteria we used when writing the EP was avoiding the upright (double) bass. Whilst the timbre of the instrument fits so perfectly within DnB and compliments our influence from Jazz nicely we were concerned it was becoming a sound we reach for too often and it was becoming a defining part of our sound. We felt this was too big a part for an instrument alone to play within our music so turned to other sources to take care of this area of the frequency spectrum. It turned out to be a good exorcise as it pushed us away of our comfort zone and encouraged us to be slightly more experimental.

We tried to create plenty of diversity within the EP, and used the extended nature of an EP to show some different sides of Document One. “I Tried” and “7th Dimension” are the deeper of the 5 tracks, “Hypnotic” and “It’s alright” the harder of the 5 and then “The Rhythm” falls somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. We feel we achieved enough continuity with our previous releases but have shown something different enough to surprise people just a little.


I think this EP is the best I have heard from you. I have long been a fan of that Funk you bring with the bite of Neuro sound to your tracks. How do you feel you have come on since I got a fever?

Thanks for the kind words! We’ve spent a lot of time breaking down our favourite tunes and trying to understand what makes them great, we’ve especially worked a lot on understanding the groove and what does and doesn’t work on the dance floor. We have mostly been figuring out what to take out of our productions so stripping things back a little. Creatively we feel “I gotta fever” was a bit more bold and recognisable than our previous releases which became the philosophy behind the next set of tunes we wrote. In DnB if you’re not making a statement of some sort within your music you’re not saying much at all.

I like all the tracks on the EP, but The Rhythm is a darker sound and one I always love when it has the correct amount of Funk thrown in. I have mentioned this many time’s via social media and in the previous interview but you do capture that sound so well! Dare I say it’s your signature sound?

With “The Rhythm” we tried to create a solid groove in the sense we worked hard on the sound, but even harder on the gaps. The groove is created by the spaces in the bass line, and we felt it was important to get it just right. Miles Davis said about improvisation “It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play” and this translates into so many other contexts as a musician including writing Drum and Bass. As for signature sound….we don’t know, but that’s a brand we are happy to take on!

Not sure if you can talk about it but is there an Album on the way?

It’s defiantly been talked about, but we’re not quite ready. In terms of DnB we are only in our infancy and still have a lot of it to explore. In our opinion there are only a hand full of great electronic albums, so for us to try and make our mark in the context of this would be a tall order at the moment. This is why we compromised with an EP, it was enough tracks for us to experiment and show a little diversity but not the overwhelming pressure one feels when writing an album.

What else have you been up to recently?

Apart from writing and gigging we have just finished a sample pack which we’re extremely proud of. It’s something we’ve overlooked for quite some time and really enjoyed the process. The bulk of the pack is synth presets which we felt was important as it encourages other producers to experiment and reverse engineer rather than just dropping elements strait into their own projects. In short it encourages learning a little more than just a sample pack.

2017 will reinforce your standing in the Scene I have no doubt. So what else is there coming from you guy’s this year?

Recently we’ve written a whole bunch of much deeper stuff which we would like to put out. The process has been great and it’s given us more space for melodic elements than the slightly heavier sound we’re used to doing permits.  We have also just finished a collaboration with one of our personal favourite producers for his album. We are really proud of and excited to see how it is received once released. Other than that it’s going to be much of the same, we’re always writing and exploring different corners of music and trying to incorporate it in our DnB. More collaborations would be great, the prospect of working with other musicians and producers really excites us.

Who would you like to work with given the opportunity?

Too many to mention,  Calyx & Teebee, Break, Kyrist, DLR, Gerra & Stone, Ivy Lab, Lenzman…the list goes on and on. DnB is a great genre to be involved in as there are so many amazing musicians involved!

What is good or bad in the Scene for you at the moment?

Nothing is bad, only not to our taste, music is totally subjective, we try to avoid branding any art as good or bad. Everyone involved in DnB is working toward one goal and that’s to create great music. We’re constantly surprised at how the bar is raised almost on a weekly basis. We really like the half time movement which has emerged over the last few years, Ivy Lab’s label 20/20 LDN is a fantastic source of forward thinking tunes, the same goes for Noisia’s label “Division”.

Finally anything you would like to add?

Big ups to you guys and everyone else supporting us, we have been flattered by the response to our music over the last couple of years and it’s a pleasure to be part of this diverse music scene. Keep listening and we’ll keep writing!


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