I caught up with some serious new heavyweight contenders, not just the The dreamers recordings but also Fractale. Label profile to follow soon…

Tell our readers about yourselves?

Fractale is a Drum & Bass duo based in Padua formed by Mattia and Andrea, the third guy you can see in some photos is Alessandro who started managing us from China, where he’ll probably have some gigs in 2017.


How did you all start in the Scene and why band together to produce as Fractale?

We met when we were 17, when French electro was getting popular. Back then, Andrea was a DJ, while Mattia was playing in a band. We decided to join our passions together, to form an electronic music duo and start our first productions under the name of Black Is Not A Colour. After being captivated by Dubstep and its sub-genres we decided to focus on what best reflects our musical tastes and change our name into Fractale.

Our first release was ‘Let me’, a liquid track published on RAM Records and we’ve also released two EPs and some tracks on Vandal Records. Last but not least, there is our last release for our homies in Dreamers Recordings.


I contacted you after your excellent release on the Dreamers Recordings. Tell us about Listen & Axis?

Listen is a Hip-Hop influenced track with raw bass 20/20 style. Axis is a half tempo beat made with smooth intro and a minimal drop that we thought would fit perfectly for The Dreamers. At the moment, we’re still working on this kind of music.


Axis is a big big tune, a real raw halftime switch track. What else can we expect from you guy’s as Fractale in 2017?

We’ve just changed our production setting in our brand new studio based in Padua, Italy and we’ve already started to produce some new heavy stuff. Our goal for 2017 is to release our first LP with a lot of collaborations, mainly produced with Italian artists who are leading the Drum & Bass scene around Europe. We are also trying to expand in the Asian market. We are full time working at the moment but you can expect to hear some new fresh beats from us soon.


What about as individual artists, any other plans for 2017 or upcoming releases?

Andrea: I started only as a DJ and now I’m mainly into the live and DJ set field of the duo. I’m planning to do some mix series with different genres of music during this year.

Mattia: I started as a musician playing a clarinet and guitar, I’m thinking about making some tracks with more live instruments. I’m mainly into productions at the moment and I’m studying to become an audio engineer.

Alessandro: I also started as a musician and I’m currently based in Shanghai. Working in the music industry makes it easier to establish good relationships that will eventually benefit Fractale. The end goal is to make the project internationally known.


Something a little different, tell us something good or bad about D&B currently?

We’ve started listening Drum & Bass mainly with Noisia and the good old classics. Later we discovered all the different sub-genres and we started to follow what represents at best our own tastes, such as: Break, Naibu, ED:IT, DLR, Keeno, Krakota etc.

We’re more into melodic and deep Drum & Bass and we’re really glad to see that the DNB scene is growing more and more also here in Italy. We also appreciate that the major labels, such as Hospital, are also supporting the local reality of our little country. Above all, the Dreamers is an exciting new born label, to which we already owe a lot!


I can see this release shining a big light on your productions going forward. How does that make you feel?

We really appreciate all the support we’ve received lately. It’s thanks to blog like yours that independent artist can grow and gain some more visibility. We’re really excited to see what 2017 will bring along and surely it will be a really productive one.


Finally anything to add?

On the 31st of March we’re going to play in Tallinn in Estonia and we hope to travel more this year and meet a lot of new people through music. Thanks again guys! Hope to see you at one of our shows 😉


Link to get the tracks: https://thedreamersrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/listen-axis