Our regular Influence playlists feature is back with Romania based DYL who has a new EP on Translation Recordings

Well, it’s really hard for doing a top 10 influences because i find influences everywhere, in every sound, but let’s have a look into my brain right now.


Nirvana – Horrified
Here we go with a track that is giving me the industrial instinct to activate the distortion on everything:


The Cure – A forest
My favourite track from The Cure, vibes are pure madness on this one


Autechre – Foil
Autechre the mecca of dark sounds and very well produced, here’s one of my top 10 Autechre:


Popol Vuh – “Nachts: Schnee” (Mika Vainio Remix)
Here’s a track that make you fill your bathtub with water take a deep breath and turn off your brain for a few minutes


The Joker Theme The Dark Knight Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer my teacher in sound design, a track where i’ve learned “the unexpected” in songs, you know ? why so serious ? music is a playground, without limits.


A tribe called quest – the love

Best way to calm down a bit of your madness is A tribe called quest, a track that is removing all useless thoughts and keeping the dyl real I love a lot what i’m doing without limits, i’m opened


The Human League – Being Boiled
Here we go to explore some of the dark places of my brain


Aphex Twin – Rhubarb
and chilling again because all i need for my productions is madness


Tangerine Dream – Central Park
One of the best tracks to get yourself in the right mood to start working on tracks


Other people other place – you said you want me
Melancholic state is on