Really pleased to have had the chance to catch up with a real purveyor of Liquid Funk. Mr Joseph has produced a really exceptional LP with a sound that many forgo. A real Gem of a Album called Inner Haze on Liquid V…


I am sure many will know Mr Joseph, but could you please tell our readers about yourself?

I’ve been producing about 10 years now. I started running club nights in and around London from early 2000. I started club nights mainly because I was fed-up of asking promoters for sets and getting no response from them. Once I started my own events it opened up doors to many of the people I admired and respected. It also connected me with other producers. This is when I started to learn how to produce. I don’t produce full time. Like most, my day job as a Web Developer pays the bills and it also gives me the freedom and flexibility to focus on producing.


Your debut Album is really exceptional. You are one of the true liquid D&B producers and I loved the Album, as did Nultiply. Can you talk to us about it?


It was a real pleasure to do this album especially for V Records. I’ve always loved that label and it felt like a real honour for them to ask me to do a album. Sometimes as a producer / artist you doubt yourself and your creations but when I label as big as V likes what you do and are confident enough to work with you on an album it really speaks volumes if you get what I mean.

On this album I got to work with some really close friends like Andyskopes, Kate White, Identified and it also gave me the chance to connect with artists I really respected like Deeizm, T.R.A.C and Youngman MC


As I have mentioned, your sound is really unique with retaining the true sound of Liquid D&B. But much to my pleasure you really fired out some Gritty beats on this. How do you feel these tracks fair alongside the liquid?

I love the soulful liquid sound of drum and bass but every once in a while I like to listen to a different side. When I do I get inspired and I want to challenge myself to see what if I can produce something outside the box. I hope there is something in the album for everyone.


Update on the Fizzy events, if you any plans for more or if any are in pipeline?

As much as I’d love to do another night I think my focus and the focus of Fizzy Beats should just be to put out good music. Besides the Inner Soul guys are doing a fantastic job growing the Liquid Funk scene in London. I’ve seen their nights go from strength to strength and I support them 100%. Maybe we might do an Inner Soul VS Fizzy one day… watch this space. ( Nu:sounds would fully support this, two of our better nights together!)


What have you got going on with the Fizzy Beats label?

This year we aim to scale up our output. We are working with a few up and coming producers from around the work and have several releases lined up including ‘The Juices Vol5’. I’ve got a few singles in the pipeline as well.


If you want to get this essential release follow the link: