Our ever expanding influences playlists get another addition this time from Exposure of AR records..


1. Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria – (Virus Recordings)

This was the first proper DnB tune I heard. The erie intro atmosphere, the steppin’ drums, that deep, rolling bassline. I’d not heard anything like it before, I was hooked straight away!


2. LTJ Bukem- Demon’s Theme (Logical Progression volume one)

Thanks to my eldest brother who gave me Logical Progression volume one on C.D for Christmas one year. I was13 and this was my first experience of broken beat music. It was the start of my undying passion for the music and made me into the person that I am today.


3. Leftfield – Melt

This was some of the first electronic music I remember hearing. Leftfield are true pioneers and are still a big inspiration for me today.


4. The Prodigy – Breathe (Fat of the land)

The drums, the distorted guitar, the angry vocals- everything about this track and the whole album just makes you wanna jump around the room. Probably my favourite album of all time, a seminal classic.


5. Noisia – Collider – (Outer Edges)

No-one had made dance music as tough as The Prodigy for me, until these guys. Noisia constantly push the boundaries of electronic music. Music that makes you screw your face up, absolutely next level production.


6. Radiohead – Nude (In Rainbows)

Up there as one of my favourite albums, In Rainbows is sonic perfection. Everything about it, from the songwriting, the instruments, the performance to the recording is pure brilliance.


7. Jimmi Hendrix – Wild Thing (The Jimmi Hendrix experience)

Before I got into dance music I was brought up on Rock n Roll. There’s a tape somewhere of me and my best mate Sam singing this in my shed at the age of 4! Arguably the best guitarist of all time, Hendrix had his own style, true showmanship.


8. Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows – (Ram Records)

No one DJ has ever come close to the skill or output of Andy C. He’s done more for Drum and Bass than most people would ever dream of and continues to do so. In 2011 I brought him and MC GQ out to Brisbane for the first time, it was one of the last sets he played on vinyl and the biggest night of my life so far! He’s still a massive influence for me.


9. John B – Up All Night

Some good memories of this tune from my first rave at ‘Incicision’ in my hometown as a fresh faced 15 year old. The moment I realised that DJing was what I was meant to do. The dark bass, euphoric vocals and piano, I still draw for it in my sets today. A stone cold classic.


10. Break – Simpler Times
Break is arguably the best producer in Drum and Bass, he’s not written a bad tune! His tracks just get better and better too, his 4th Simpler Times LP was the album of 2016 for me. To have him release on A R Records is a real honour.


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