Hot off the back of their excellent Abnormal EP on Kill Tomorrow, I caught up with Mean Teeth. These guy’s are undoubtedly talented and I can see them being huge this year…

Firstly who are Mean Teeth?

Mean Teeth is a Drum & Bass Music collective from the Baltics. We’ve mostly worked as a duo up until now, but we don’t want to be confined to this status forever. We have people who might come in and out that share our vision. In the end, Mean Teeth is a mould of different creative visions.

How did you get started in D&B?

Marius: Oh I go way back. 2002-2003 was when I first heard Aphrodite – Badass which made me crawl after DNB. After that I got into Desimal’s production (rest in peace, legend) and after that into Noisia, Spor & Teebee. Being a listener for years and years I started messing around with FL Studio, which I now use daily. I have been producing with the purpose of achieving something big for close to 5 years now.

Mark: I started after some friends showed me the likes of Spor, Evol Intent, Audio and others. I became obsessed, and given that I have a musical background, couldn’t resist trying to produce some of my own tracks. Turns out – it’s not as easy as “just pressing buttons” like I thought in the very beginning. Challenge accepted though, so here I am!

Nu:sounds contacted you off the back of your excellent Abnormal EP on Kill Tomorrow. Can you tell our readers about the EP?

The EP came together pretty quickly to be honest. Kill tomorrow hit us up by email and we already had all the three tunes done, except for a few arrangement issues. They instantly liked all the tunes and signed them in no time.

Marius: Abnormal is my personal favourite off that EP. I think i comes down to three tastes. Abnormal goes out to all those heavy neuro fans, Give Up goes straight into clubs and Nomad is for people who wanna roll down with the Funk.

Mark: I’m really happy with the result, as the entire EP came out quite dynamic and that’s just how we like it.


My personal favourite off the EP is Nomad. It’s less in your face as the others but it has great rhythm. Do you have a preferred style?

We sort of have a preferred style but then again – we really don’t. Meaning, we try to not frame ourselves with certain styles and soundscapes. Anything that goes under “Drum & Bass” is in our scopes and we try to express ourselves as we are, while adding that seemingly lost feeling of Funk into our tunes.

Hailing from Estonia and Lithuania, can you tell us about any artists of note in the Scene from your respective Countries?

Marius: Since I’m from Estonia then I will take on the Estonian scene. We have a pretty big Drum & Bass scene here. We have various event series pretty much every weekend and we have had all the famous names you can imagine such as Noisia, Phace, DLR, Netsky, TC… those are only a few to be named!

Mark: The scene is quite the opposite in my home country of Lithuania. It seems as if it’s only now starting to regain some ground, with local, quality events happening on most weekends. I can’t really tell you about any notable Drum & Bass artists from Lithuania, unfortunately, but I do want to mention Eternia Music which is an experimental/avant-garde DNB label here, which always brings quality from that part of the scene. Big up guys!

I am keen to hear what other releases you have lined up for this year? Make sure you send them to us at Nu:sounds haha

We can say that we have over 15 tracks coming out on different labels this year so far. Labels such as Kill Tomorrow (obviously!), Concussion Recordings, Lost Recordings, Lifestyle Music, NeurofunkGrid, Bad Taste Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Hoofbeats and possibly Cyberfunk. The year has only started, so expect more to come!

I am pretty sure this EP will bring you a lot of attention and rightly so. What is your dream or goal within Drum & Bass?

Marius: I want to reach a level where we can tour and live off from music production. I want to meet up the bigger names in the scene and possibly to go to their studios. Those would be Noisia, Mefjus and DLR for me 🙂 Mark: I’m very much on the same boat. It’s extremely exciting to be part of this ever growing community and culture. We definitely want to leave a few bite-marks.

Finally, is there anything you want to add? Marius: I want to thank my family who have been supporting me a lot. As well as friends who I’ve made in the scene. I want to give a huge shout out to Logam/Thomas who has been supporting us from the day we met.

Mark: Shouts to the Lithuanian Drum & Bass scene, my girlfriend for putting up with me, the entire Kill Tomorrow crew, Nu:sounds crew, Logam, Trilo, Adam from Concussion Recordings and everyone else who’s given us their support! We can’t thank you enough!

Trust me people, this is a great EP so check the link for purchasing: