Lakeway takes us through his list of Influential artists. Grab his EP now on Diffrent Music


Tim Hecker
A big inspiration for me when it comes to more textural sounds, noises and particularly distortion. The way he molds soundscapes is pretty inhuman and I love every second of it. The use of more traditional instruments being warped into something new has also heavily influenced how I go about writing my music. The style is consistent yet every project is unique, which can be hard to come by these days.


Silk Road Assassins
Emotionally charged trap music basically. Their use of melodies layered over massive 808’s is something that properly made me think “what the fuck” when I first heard it. Their music made me totally rethink how to go about injecting emotion into dance music and continues to inspire me to this day.


Max Richter
Simply put – a fantastic composer. The soundtracks he has done make me want to pursue music for film (hint hint anyone reading). I think his masterpiece “The Nature of Daylight” will be stuck in my head till the day I die, and then probably played again at the funeral.


The Fate EP is when I really started to get what Dark0 was doing. His way of reworking video game OST’s like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger had me in awe when I first heard them. Simultaneously taking me back to my childhood and inspiring me to change how I approach a melody and a vibe in general all at once.


Mumdance complete re-wrote the rule book on how to emphasize dread on the dance floor for me. His way of fusing multiple genres together is one the things that helped inspire me to do the same with my music, and without that influence I wouldn’t be writing the stuff I write today.


Yung Gud
A member of Yung Leans sadboys crew, and anyone who knows me knows that I love dat shit. His productions are another example of what I suppose is emotionally charged trap and another artist who inspired me to try and put feelings in there with the beats.


One of the artists who introduced me to the weirder side of 170, the vapor city project opened my ears to his way of blending organic and synthetic sounds massively influences everything from the process of my sequencing to my sample selection.


His use of vocal samples are unrivaled by any others in the scene right now. His use of blending grime-esque synths with pitched r’n’b vocals is something that I have found myself in awe at trying to recreate in my own way in my own music. Another example of an influence who inspires raw emotion in dance music.


Arca is simply put one of my favorite producers. His solo material is unparalleled by most others but when he really shines in my opinion is when he collaborates with FKA Twigs. This stuff makes me want to totally re think how I go about making a tun, and to force myself to work with more vocalists in my own attempt at making something as beautiful as “Water Me”


What can I say? His BBC Radio1 residencies are what turned my ears towards so many different sounds back when I was primarily a DnB head. Without his influence I doubt I would have the knowledge, let alone the balls to be myself in this field of 170 music.