I recently caught up with Lynx to talk about the art of the Drum and Bass remix…


Hi Steve, How’s it going?! I wanted to talk to you a bit about the art of the Drum and Bass remix today. How to you usually approach a remix project?

All is good thanks.

I’m not sure there is one answer on how to write a drum and bass remix, at least I hope not! For me personally I look at it in two ways. How I can improve elements from the original track, and what I can add creatively to it as an artist.


A few years back you went in on re-editing Alix Reece’s classic ‘Pulp Fiction’. How did that come about?

Pulp fiction is a seminal track in drum and bass history, and a track that personally helped path the way with my sound too. My remix started out as an experiment. I wasn’t asked to do the remix, I was just curious if I could rebuild the components of the track. I asked Marcus Intalex to send it over to Goldie as they are close friends. I’m not sure Goldie knew what to think at first. But after a few plays out in the clubs he got the vibe. He said to me it’s like jazz, a thorough and true recreation of a classic.


And for this latest effort you’ve remixed a synth-pop track from Peppermint Heaven! I imagine the approach for this was pretty different in terms of turning it into a Drum and Bass roller?

In some respects yes. I realised quite early on it was best to build the remix in two parts. The intro with the vocals and music, then the drop where the drums and bass come in. I think the key to the remix was merging all the elements together to make one cohesive piece of music that does the original track justice.


Did you have a certain idea in mind straight away when you heard the original?

Yes I definitely wanted to retain the musicality of the track. Also I really loved the slightly awkward naivety of the vocal. These elements are key to the tune and excited me to remix Words Colliding.


I’ve also noticed you’ve been pretty busy with Detail Recordings recently? any further plans with that you can tell us about?

Last year was my busiest year for releasing music. I relaunched detail with, Vault, a series of music from the archives over the last ten years. There’s more to come from this series. Plus a bunch of upfront singles. Plenty more of this to come in 2017.


And finally back on the remix theme, Could you share with us a few of your favourite all time remixes?

Quite a Mish mash selection of remixes that I have really enjoyed over the years:

Bomb The Bass- Bug powder dust – Chemical Brothers remix

Omni trio- renegade snares- foul play remix

Uncut- Midnight- Mistical remix

Tori Amoss- professional widow- Arman van Helden remix

Daft punk- human after all- Sebastian remix