Our latest Influences playlist comes from Playaz recordings duo Jam Thieves


Marvin Gaye – I Want You

This song is very important for us, we love the melody, the style of the music is amazing, we always listen for inspiration.


Barry White – You’re So Good, You’re Bad

For us, Barry White is the king of the harmony, we listen every day and every night


Zapp – Be Alright

We’ve heard this music since we were kids. Always present in our life


Genesis – I Know What I Like

This music makes us think about the hard life that we have


The O Jays – l Love Music

We heard this song when we were kids, when we did not have anything to eat in our house, It was as if music fed us


The Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets

We love romantic music, The Isley Brothers is fucking awesome


James Brown – Papa Don’t Take No Mess

Viva the true funk, viva James King Brown, always in our musics lol


Calibre – Even If

Music that has feeling, this song is part of our life.


2Pac – Do For Love

Perfect sample, perfect beat, perfect flow


Racionais Mcs – Fórmula Mágica Da Paz

This song talks about our reality of life, people who are born and grew up in the favela and in the extreme poverty where the perspective of life and success practically does not exist. Beyond the sample from (The Barkays – Attitudes) that we love


Jam Thieves’ new new Hackers LP drops on the 30th of January