Final instalment of the monthly essential DNB, next is best of 2016. Seeing out another strong year is Kolectiv, Current Value, Headread, Misanthrop, Signal and more…

Skittles – Everywhere (Kolectiv & Lurch remixes) [Aluminium Shiny Shin Side Shack Out Music ]

This is two excellent takes on a top top lyricists tune. Everywhere is a big tune in each output. Both Lurch and and Kolectiv smash it up. Kolectiv are on a roll and it’s captured well here in the remix. Deep, melodic & thoughtful on the intro. Half time stepping into a proper roller. A must have for the heads.


Current Value – Air shift EP [Cyberfunk]

So as in almost every essential DNB in 2016, Current Value is represented again!! This time for Cyberfunk. A label that knows a set of beats that’s for sure. This EP is just very very good, it’s hard to keep talking about Current Value almost monthly, but he is on hideously good form. Each track is great but picking the collaboration with label boss Xtrah should suffice. It’s menacing from the off and just is a class act as tunes go. Combining Xtrahs heavier sounds with CV’s energy. Big track.


Headread – Proximo EP [Absys recordings]

Headread hailing from Tallin are a duo that need to be followed and kept close. This EP is one of my rarer little finds in promoland. Absys has sent a few lovely bits of late and this is right up there with the classier bits. This EP showcases all that I love from the D&B which is not looking to get pigeon-holed. 4 excellent tracks my pick being Chopper, its a predator sampling techy roller. The other tracks are great also with some more firepower in there. Both artist and label need a follow people.


Misanthrop – Misanthrop [Neosignal]

Debut LP time from a favoured producer of mine, who’s style and vibe really shouldn’t need any introduction. This LP captures it perfectly well and for those who haven’t be lucky enough to hear one of Germanys greatest exports, its a pure Future Neuro take on DNB. His way. Several huge tracks, including: Antimachine, Infinate Hysteria & Trashriot. Neosignal sounds througout. But one tune stands out above the others for me and I love it!!! Tank Man, it’s just funky little badboy. This is a class LP and you gotta check out one of the best in the Scene.


Signal – Parallax EP [Critical]

What can I say about the boy wonder of D&B that hasn’t been said already? Rated by all in scene, putting out tunes we love from the age of 16 and now a EP on Critical cementing his meteoric rise. A sheer natural talent. My choice for critic’s pick at a recent awards ceremony. Enough brownosing!!! Check out Downfall with the delightful Zoe Klinck on vocals, offering a deeper vibe. The title track is my pick though, Signal never rests with what he has done and is always offering new ideas and production. If he is not already crowned king in 2016 as myself and many predicted, he will be very very soon.


Dom & Roland – Last refuge of a Scoundrel [Metalheadz]

If you don’t already know who this guy is…tough! The LP is his long awaited return and Metalheadz one of the highest calibre of labels about know a great LP. This is a musical charm!! When D&B is all gimmicks, less breaks and substance as it can be right now. You need one of the older heads to come remind us what it’s all really about…boy did Dom do that. It’s one of the LP’s of the year, it’s a classic and its a return to what made D&B great. Craftsmanship unparalleled on this. Each sounding like a classic from a bygone year…a great year at that. Check out Sirens song with Robert Manos and tell me D&B is just noise ya mug haha King of the hustlers is just barbaric. I love so many tracks off this LP, the LP is the pick. It’s a masterclass in true D&B. Brilliant throughout.


Urbandawn – Gothenberg cluster [Hospital]

I was delighted with this promo, I liked Urbandawns earlier tracks but they were all a little too cheery for my miserable tastes haha So imagine my surprise when one of the albums of 2016 is played before my eyes. This is a great example of a imaginative and playful take of D&B, with the cheese elements irradiated by a nuclear blast of lovely Techy sounds throughout. Musical elements still retained and excellent quality and variation. I implore you to try new things and I don’t mean trying watersports with down the road Dorothy haha instead listen to this ablum in it’s entirety, its far more hygienic and your likely to be pleasantly surprised, rather than feeling humiliated!! Seriously listen to these tracks: Together again, Foley funk, Babylon prepare, Black notes and still breathing ft Keeno. It’s unique and I love it.


Mefjus & Emperor – Sanity check EP [Critical]

Or the Hello World EP 2 as it’s also known as is a stinking big ogre of an EP. These guy’s individually dominate the Neuro big hitters and together create the most insane and hurt inducing D&B. This EP is just mustard!!!! Get it, you probably have it. Buy it again!!! Double drop Flashizm into Flashizm haha It’s just big and brash. Love it.