Recently got the lowdown on Telekinesis’ new EP on Blackout music…


Tell us about yourselves, who and what is Telekinesis?

Well Telekinesis are Slovenian producer duo made of Smooth & Markoman. We met around 2010 and started working together. People liked what we have made so we came up with the Telekinesis name.


Your current release on Blackout the New World Order EP has some pretty interesting titles, were these based in the ideas behind them?

Yeah, as our music is (mostly) without vocals, we always choose our titles very carefully. We wouldn’t wanna preach to anyone what to do, what to say or what to feel, so we just use the names just to startle little ideas in your minds. And since your asking us about it, it appears to have worked?! 🙂


Personally from the EP I love Occult. Can you tell us a little about the tracks or what you had in mind while making the EP?

Ha! since your favourite is Occult we got to tell you a little more about it. Basically it started as a drunk joke. We were recording a podcast with out local DNB crew, and somehow I ended up with a little sombrero on my head behind the mic. And we were supposed to test the mic and I go “Hey Loco, caka caka caka cak”, So and then Luka wouldn’t be Luka if he wouldn’t IMMEDIATELY starting cutting and stretching and mixing it in the tune we were currently working on. So then we actually used the caka caka part for a bass layer, and the vocal in the drop. The rest of the EP is more serious. I personally think its our best EP to date.


Do you have any major theories on conspiracies, without going too David Icke haha?

I know stuff but I cant tell you, if I do, i put my life in danger….so i ask you just this: Where is Kemal ? I’ve heard : insert dj name here: has him locked up in the basement and has been forcing him to write tunes for him for years.


What else in the pipeline from you as Telekinesis or as your individual counterparts?

We are back in the studio for more, We wanna have the next EP ready soon. And finnaly 1 or 2 collabs might happen. Luka (Smooth) is working on something big as well. Exciting times.


Finally anything you would like to add?

Shouts to all the ravers out there! Enjoy music, enjoy life!


So check out the EP and buy what you fancy here: