One of the best new releases to hit my inbox this month came from Physics‘ Midnight Sun Recordings. It features tracks from L.A.O.S, Stunna, DMA and Physics himself so I caught up with him to get the low down..


Ez Glenn, I think we last caught up when you released your album ‘Long Road’ what’s been going on since?

Hi Brendon! Yeah I think that might be spot on you know! I’ve been fairly busy working on some new material since then and have a number of various projects on the go. I’ve launched my label Midnight Sun Recordings again and have some nice plans to take that forward.


What’s the idea behind Midnight Sun Recordings?

Midnight Sun Recordings has always been about getting the music out there that I feel should be heard without making any compromises to the sound. We don’t release music just because it is popular but because we think it deserves to be heard. We have always been about bringing new talent forward alongside quality beats by already established producers. The label was originally set up by Me (Physics) & Christian Champagne and Kaleb in 2003 to put out our own music. Phil Wells of Basement Records Fame was the owner over at Nu-Urban distribution back in the day and he always liked what was coming out of our camp so he suggested we’d set up our own label to get some of it out there. Before that he had signed several tracks to his own label Pivotal so i guess it was a natural step to take. I guess we always wanted to showcase the sounds coming out of the land of the Midnight Sun. But we have also taken that further to release some of the best music we get sent and feel fits in on the label. As we see it music is universal and it does not matter where you come from as long as the musical quality is there.


Which Producers have been involved so far?

Originally it was an outlet for the music of Physics, Kaleb & Champagne and Contour (later known as dubstep producer 501). But there has been many artists featured on the label since 2003. Just from the top of my head i’ll mention C.A.B.L.E.,Champagne,Contour, MC Coppa, Danny C, Fanu, Ben Kama, FX909, Gabanna, Jontey, Kaleb, Keza, Konsta (Muffler) , L.A.O.S, Marcas, Physics, Resound, Smote, Tango, CLS & Wax, ICR, The Outfit and now also Stunna and D.M.A on the new EP.


Next up you have Midnight Rollers vol.2, how did this release come together?

It’s a follow up to part 1 that was released in 2007. We love our rollers here at the Midnight Sun HQ and this one is a great follow up to seminal tracks like “Changes” by The Outfit and “You Know” by Marcas. As label manager I (Physics) curate all the music and try it out on gigs and radio before release so these tracks are hand picked by me and fit in the label sound well.


What are your plans going forward with the label?

We have many interesting project in the plans for the future. We have plans to do more albums, maybe a solo album by me (Physics), more tracks from David Marc Ashton, who works as a producer under the DMA monicker and also as a singer/songwriter/vocalist on my tracks, so i’m quite excited about that. We also have some new releases in the plans from great producers we like such as LJHigh and others so stay tuned for more pressure from the Midnight Sun camp! The comeback has just begun!

Thanks mate!

Midnight Rollers vol.2 drops on 21/11/2016