Some stone cold classics in here as Germany based producer Dr Woe takes us through his ten influential tracks…



Goldie – Innercity Life, Pressure & Jah
Innercity Life was one of the first drum & bass tunes I heard in the age of 13 and the first drum & bass album that I bought as a CD. I just moved from the big city of Berlin to the small town of Lübeck, this song always reminded me of my old hometown. I love how the track starts with the strings and pads and builds up slowly.
I find it awesome as the three tunes go together, merge into one and take one with you on a trip. I was very happy when I found the vinyl version of the album a few years ago in a record store in Berlin, but I have to admit as a vinyl lover that unfortunately the CD sounds better than the vinyl release.


Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
The atmosphere of this song is unique to me, no song triggers with me this goose bumps. The warm strings carry you through the entire song without getting boring and the drums have a unique groove along with the percussive samples that remind of Run DMC’s Peter Piper. I also love the video, which proves that you do not need many special fx or crazy camera trips to make a good music video with a subtle message.


Michael Jackson – Beat It
As a child of the 80s I was a huge Michael Jackson fan, but the albums of the 90s I find terrible. I love the drumsound and the groove. The guitarsolo in half of the song is great and the guitar reefs in the verse work perfectly together with Jackson’s voice. In the elementary school, we have been trying to dance like Michael Jackson, which certainly looked stupid!


Ed Rush & Nico – Technology
For me This tune has everything a dark Dnb Tune needs: a mystical intro, sharp and varied drumbreaks, futuristic abstract samples and a vibe as in a film about the end of the world.
For me No U-Turn’s Torque LP is one of the best Dnb albums I know. A friend of my father gave me the CD when he heard that I was listening for over a year to the same Jungle Tape to show me what ” Real “drum & bass is. For years I tried to play the drums of this masterpiece on my crappy e-drums, unfortunately without success …


Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’
My love for Hip Hop began with Cypress Hill, Nas and, of course, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. This track speaks for the whole album: dirty, gloomy beats, rough-cut samples and, of course, the mc’s of the Wu-Tang clan in full effect. I was listening to the Album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” my whole youth, and i still love it! Every single rapper has a completely different style, so no Wu-Tang track gets boring. “Rough like Timberland wear, yeah!”


Grooverider – Where´s Jack The Ripper
When I first heard this tune, I bought the whole album without hearing it completely before. Ingeniously arranged, pure Techstep Drum & Bass! From the beginning the intro takes you to a journey deep into the gloomiest underworld. The tune is so well produced for that time, that you can still mix it with current drum & bass productions in a Dj set without without loosing pressure and brilliance. I´ve read somewhere that Optical helped out while the production process, what you can hear clearly when one listens to old Optical Tunes from this era.


Rage Against The Machine – Killing in The Name Of
This song is pure fire with a clear message! I find it great that the song slowly builds up and works the first half without vocals without geting boring. The voice is all the more powerful when it comes. I like songs in which in the second half something unexpected happens and which does not repeat itself after the half simply. It would be an absolute dream of me to make a drum & bass remix of it!


Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock
In my youth I was a graffiti writer and I always liked to watch the B-boys in my city. I tried it myself a few times, but unfortunately I have no talent for breakdance. This track represents for me a long-gone era of Hip Hop and it shows how close Hip Hop and electronic music stand together and the Hip Hop without electronic beats wouldn´t be the same.


Photek – Knitevision
This tune shows that “Minimal Dnb” is not a really new invention! Perfectly tuned drums and a simple percussive bass that moves through a constantly changing space. On top of that there is a small Rhodes chord and a bit of noise … awesome!
Photek’s Form & Function LP I am still listening to today and I have tried to get the Vinyl LP for years, but I am probably not the only one …


LTJ Bukem – Demon´s Theme
I love how this track evolves and more and more elements are added without it is becoming too full. The drums roll on and on without getting boring. Listening to this track I always have to think about the rainforest, which is probably due to the animal sounds and the pan flute samples. I know of no comparable Dnb tune that creates this mood in me, unique!


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