Another Influences selection for you as Siskiyou takes us through his favourite all time tracks…


Babylon System + Noah D – Examinations of time
Examinations of time i remember like yesterday, i was in a record store in manchester and i was asking the clerk to pull up a box of fresh deliveries, going through the box i distinctly remember seeing the argon stamp on the record. it was simple font but i was drawn to the record so i asked to hear it. The clerk then played it on the shop sound system and i fell in love instantly. Never had i heard anything like it. The right darkness, the right groove. To this day it is still one of the tunes i regard as the best drop in dubstep, the way it just rolls in to it. I was hooked on the techie sound from that day. One of the songs that changed my sound and inspired me like no other.

Pendulum – Tarantula
This song is one that i have many fond memories of, whether it be showing friends Drum n bass for the first time and seeing the reactions to it or riding my bike on a warm English summer day.
Headphones on just cruising feeling the breeze. loved how they mixed a Reggae vibe with some really intense Electronic sounds.

Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U
Sat in High school, we had a history teacher that super laid back, one of the best teachers we had and in his class there was free time to browse the internet. I have such fond memories of showing class mates “I Luv U” About 8 people stood around a little computer blown away by what we were hearing. It inspired me to have a bit of roughness to my sound, the distorted square tones really were iconic to grime music.

Digital Mystikz – Haunted
When i first heard “Haunted” i, for the first time was hit by a style of music like never before, it was the first song in which i felt something for music like it was so alien yet so familiar and i remember getting the song through bluetooth from a friend and i literally listened to it on repeat the whole way home. it was this what inspired me to make dubstep music as i had been getting active as a DJ in Manchester. One of the best Dubstep songs ever created in my opinion.

Skream – Midnight Request Line
A staple in sets all through out the years this track from Skream was a massive part of Dubstep history and was part of the reason it stared getting love from the mainstream, as soon as you press play you know what the track is. In my music the presence of floaty arps can be heard in many of the songs we make. the sub low bass and the arps in this song are special.

La Roux – In for the Kill [Skream Remix]
Another massive song from Skream, the reason this is listed is the simplicity, the euphoric feeling this song provides. from the start this song is something for the feels and it hits hard. it’s the whole package, a head nodder, vibes and the vocal adds so much to the song.

Emalkay – When i Look at you
Easily another contender for the biggest dubstep tunes ever made. The mid lead and vocal lead went so well together and this is a song that i love to play out! Seeing the crowd react to it is the reason why i love playing music. being right there with the crowd, enjoying the music just as much as they are.

Magnetic Man – Mad
Mad by Magnetic Man has been played out countless times, the long drawn out baseline and the steady hitting drum groove is such a great set up for the way the song evolves and the cadence at the end of the cycles ties up each section of this song.

Foreign Beggars Ft. Chasing Shadows – Typhoon
Was always a fan of Foreign beggars from early on and Chasing Shadows were one of my favourite dubstep duos, when i saw them collab i knew this song would be special. Such evil sounds from Chasing shadows. The intro was so menacing and the way Foreign Beggars finessed the track made this song what it was. Chasing shadows influenced the my sound as in depth, grit and the half step bounce.

Sean Price – Boom Bye Yeah
This is a song that catches me every time. Being a young kid listening to hip hop and hearing this at the age of 15 my mind was blown. Just how it was with the Dizzee Rascal “I Luv U” track it was so raw and it was some of the first bass faces i experienced. Screw face music.


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