Little chat with BSM about his label Rancid Records


Hi Ben, Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and how you got into making music?

Erm been into it since I was about 8 to be honest, was always listening to new tape packs from rave events like Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Amnesia House etc. and it was obviously old skool hardcore back then, i was hooked immediately. Kept on it until Jungle came about and then drum & bass and I just knew I wanted a piece of that action. Went to a few raves then and around 1998 – 1999 I started producing under the artist name BSM with a trusty Atari ST, Akai Sampler and a condenser Mic. Went recording house hold appliances ie drills, hair dryers, blenders etc. and twisted them up into pads, basslines etc. Again I literally was hooked on it all. Since then I’ve been producing many other genres, had the pleasure of working alongside my good friend DJ Ramjack on some tracks and even had Ray Keith and DJ Torchman remix some of my tracks.


How did Rancid Records came about?

Well i’d helped quite a few other people within the scene start up labels that I wanted a piece of the action to be honest. Rancid Records came about in 2013 as just a drum & bass label to begin with but then me and business partner Callum Johnston aka DJ Spyral decided to make it multi genre across the board beginning of this year. Now we are into the unknown and we’re finding it very exciting as we’re getting bands etc. coming forward wanting to join us.


Whats the ethos of the label?

Erm for me the whole ethos of the label is making sure the artists get where they want to be and I want to push them to their limits until they do, i’ve worked with a lot of artists who have zero confidence in their work and i’ve helped build that confidence up, now they’re releasing all over the place. That makes me happy they’ve flown the proverbial coop so to say.


What do you currently have lined up?

Well currently we have a lot of releases coming to the label, we are at the moment stocked with releases until March 2017 and all are absolutely incredible, some new up and coming artists which are amazing too. Also we’re looking to have an event by at least mid next year so keep an eye out for that one.


How can producers potentially get involved?

If you think you have what it takes be it a producer, vocalist, DJ or band of any genre then get in touch via the email

We will take every submission to the label very seriously.


Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Just to keep an eye for us on the label, we’re in every store online, check out our Soundcloud and our main website and I hope they enjoy what you see and hear. 🙂