Another influences this month you lucky things! This time its from Leaf, recent release on Serial Killaz with the Monsoon EP. A really eclectic mix of tracks here…

Burning Spear – Garvey

My dad used to play a lot of different music around the house, this one being one of them. A lot of the reggae I was brought up with inspires me to add that dubby sound in my own productions.

The Upsetters – Buky skank

Another track which is quirky. love the vibe and also takes me back to my childhood.

Coolio – Gangsters Paradise

Pretty sure this was on of the first singles I bought out of my own pocket money. throwback

Aphrodite & Micky Finn- Bad Ass

This was one of my first DNB vinyl’s that I think my uncle gave me… it’s also the tune I learned the concept of double dropping on.

Origin unknown – Valley of shadows

I hadn’t really heard much DNB before this track, but it defiantly stood out for me. One of those tunes you had on repeat whilst down the skatepark cruising and so on.

Rusko – cockney thug

Dubstep came about not long after I got into DNB. I really liked the early stuff, this being one of them.

Nirvana – Smells like Teen spirit

This was one of those tracks as a kid when you listened to it you thought you were instantly cool haha. Even cooler when I learned to play it on guitar.

The Prodigy- Fire starter

This was Probably one of the first bands I got into that had that electronic sound, IE synths, fx etc.. massive inspiration.

Fugees – Oh la la la

I’ve always been into hip hop and this is probably what started it off. I wish I could have added more but here’s the root foundation of when it all started.

Big fan of UK hip-hop as well!

Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive

Another band my Father played around the house was Pink Floyd. Their sound is very unusual and abstract. This track shows that well. I try to do the same with my sound as I find it interesting to the ear.

Here is the link to the EP out now on Serial Killas