I have been a fan of Toronto is Broken, his recent release on Sub Slayers is no exception. No Gyal tune is a bit of hefty track. So thought we would see what makes his Musical mind tick. In order of influence here are Toronto is Broken influential tracks…


Green Day – American Idiot

I never actually used to care that much for music. It wasn’t a passion, or an active interest, it was there. When I was 12 my friend from school was raving about the Green Day’s “American Idiot” at the time and he leant it to me – I don’t think I’ve ever listened to one whole album so much in my life, it was life changing! From that moment onwards I learnt how to play the guitar and I knew that I just wanted to make music in one form or another.

Enter Shikari – Return To Energizer

After discovering Green Day, I began listening to a lot of rock and metal, especially bands like Panic! At The Disco, Madina Lake, Killswitch Engage, it was all I would listen to. I then discovered Enter Shikari on Kerrang radio and it all changed. Before then I thought electronic music was just THUD-THUD-THUD, bleepy noises and high pitch vocals but they proved me wrong. My tastes began to shift and I became engrossed in electronic music, and with that I discovered that you didn’t need to be in a band to make music.

Iridium – Clean vs Dirty

I first started out on FL Studio back on version 8, and I basically learnt by reverse-engineering the demo projects contained within. My favourite of the all was this track and then lead me onto producing weird IDM/Breakcore music of which you can still find on the internet somewhere….

The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix)

This was the first ever drum & bass tune I heard and what a tune it is! I didnt really know much about IDM, and I was definitely making a lot more of it that I listened to so I decided to put in an internet search on IDM and Spor came up. A few clicks and a myspace player later I discovered this absolute behemoth of a track! That first drop with the siren, JEEEEEEEEEEZ!

Camo & Krooked vs. Body & Soul – The Reward

Drum & bass is different to other genres of music in the respect that the record label is followed just as much as the artists themselves. I discovered this when I bought Viper Recording’s compilation “Acts of Mad Men” and they’ve been my favourite label regardless of the genre. I also managed to achieve a dream of mine by putting out a few tracks with them over the past 18 months and there’s still plenty more lined up with them!

Sub Focus – Timewarp

How could I not give this guy a mention! The first ever SF tune I heard back on a D&BArena compilation, I’ve looked up to his work ever since and driven me to pursue a career and hopefully support myself in drum & bass.

Origa – Rise

This was the first ever song I heard from Origa, taken from the anime series “Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex”. She has such a phenomenal sound to her voice and amazing vibe about everything she did. I later went on to discover the rest of her work, which in term led me to find the vocals of hers I used in “Spirit Song” and “Into My Eyes”. Unfortunately, she passed away not too long ago, and that would have been my one ultimate collaboration!

Toronto Is Broken – The Metropolis

Not trying to blow my own trumpet here as it might seem a bit odd for me to feature one of my own tracks in this list, but, this tune was a real turning point in how I approach writing music. Up until this point I’d been writing music for purely one purpose, something for a DJ to play at a gig. With The Metropolis however, I began writing conceptually and using music to tell a story or to create a specific landscape. “The Metropolis” and “The Inner / Outer Circle” EP’s set the scene for a society and civilisation in distress (inspired by Isaac Asimov’s work in his “Foundation” series of novels), one that later collapsed in my first album “Section Nine”.

Asa & Koan Sound – Tetsuo’s Redemption

Absolute banger of a tune! The perfect mix of neuro aggressiveness and earthly, new-age sounds. This track alone pretty much decided the path my second album that I’m working on is going to go down.

Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window

One of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Words can’t describe how much of an effect his latest album “Immunity” has had on me both with my work and in day-to-day life in general.


Here is the link to current release, check it out: