We caught up with Exposure for a quick chat about his debut single on A R


Thanks for speaking to Nu:sounds today, could you start off by telling us a bit about your background and the Exposure sound?

I fell in love with Drum and Bass in 98′ and got my first decks shortly after that. I’d lock myself away for hours on end, determined to learn how to mix. Soon enough I started playing at free parties in and around the South West, blagging my way on to the decks wherever I could. I was lucky to have older brothers who’d lend me their I.D to get into raves, as it opened my eyes quite early on!

Fast forward a few years and I moved to Nottingham where I played for Detonate, one of the UK’s biggest nights. I then moved to Brisbane, where I ran a night called Rescued, hosting Andy C & MC GQ for the first time in 2011, as well as some other big names. It was a great time, but I missed the parties we get here, so I came back to follow my passion and now in Bristol, I haven’t looked back.

The Exposure sound is constantly developing. I guess it matches my DJ style, which is varied. I’m making hard techy tunes with big bashy drums and filthy basslines, as well as more liquid stuff with nice pianos and strings etc.


I found your new single had a nice balance of tough rolling beats with a nice soulful undertone. tell us a bit about how it came together?

Yeah all credit to Sula Mae, she’s a folk singer songwriter and when I sent her the idea for ‘Delicate Lives’ what she came back with blew me away. I love the harder side of Drum and Bass but if you’ve got some elements that contrast that and take you to a more euphoric place I think it works well, this is something I try to create with my music, hence the name Exposure.



This is the your first release on your own label A R Audio. What else do you have planned for the label?

We’ve got some really exciting stuff planned for A R. Up next we’ve got a local Bristol producer called Precision, he sent me a couple of demos a few months back and I signed him straight away, his tracks are wicked, they’ll be out at the start of August.

The one after that is a vinyl release and is from a don of DnB- I’m not quite allowed to announce that yet but I’m well excited! Then after that, we’ve got a string of releases lined up for our artists and myself, plus we’ll be running nights and pushing the A R sound all over the country and worldwide!



Are you on the lookout for new music currently? and if so how can producers get in touch?

Yes, always on the lookout for new music. Send demos to demos@araudio.co.uk


Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Buy more vinyl, it’s the best way! For me, I haven’t found a better way of DJing. Also, names to look out for- Precision, Ill Truth, Stitch, Phaction & Antrax.