It’s been a really good few weeks for new music and here’s my pick of some of the best…


Alix Perez – Elephant Dreams EP [1985 Music]

Alix Perez launches his own 1985 imprint with an EP representing his well loved style. A combination on tech rollers including 2 colabs with Skeptical and lush liquid such as ‘Had I known’ makes this a must buy for this month.


Various – Lost Dubs [Mircofunk Music]

Bop has put together an absolutely lovely collection of previously unrealised minimal dnb here including tracks from himself, Skeletone, Electrosoul System and more. If you are a fan of chilled minimal numbers this will be right up your street.


Lynx – Vault 1 [Detail]

I think Doc Scott put it best on twitter recently regarding this selection of music Steve Lynx pulled from his hard drive… “@lynxdnb Drops a bunch of old stuff that kills the majority of anything around today. Skills.”


Hugh Hardie – City Soul EP [Hospital]

Probably the best recent release from the Hospital camp here as relative new comer Hugh Hardy  drops a debut 4 track Ep of pure summer liquid rollers. My pick of the bunch has to be title track ‘City Soul’ a real feel good festival roller.


Dominic Ridgway – Aquatone EP [Regression Media]

Here we have something a bit different. Dominic Ridgway brings us 4 soundscapey (is that a word?) half time numbers with bags of atmosphere. I’ve been wanting more music like this ever since Narratives brought us Rhyming in Fives and is great to see more producers pushing the boundaries of 170 music.


Conduct – Borderlands LP [Blu Mar Ten Music]

More experimental music here as Conduct drop their debut album on Blu mar ten Music. Conduct refused to be pigeon holed as this album has chilled out minimal numbers like ‘Beta’s Error’ and ‘Piano Tune’ happily sitting along side growley rollers like ‘Divergence’. But somehow this combo works! and makes for a great all round album listen.


Seba – Sweet Magnolia EP [Fokuz]

Fokuz continue their recent run of impressive releases with 2 tracks from dnb veteran Seba. ‘Sweet Magnolia’ is a great piano driven track with Jenna G on vocals whist ‘A little closer’ is another great trademark Seba roller.


Hybrid Minds – Touch / Touch (Tokyo Prose Remix) [Hybrid Music]

Pure summertime vibes here as Hybrid Minds execute a prefect liquid roller with Tokyo Prose smashing remix duties on the flip side.