If you haven’t noticed myself and Nultiply swapped our picks about, so now you get mine about Month end. That change is the only one, because I have yet more excellent Drum’s and Bass’s for you!! This month we have the mighty Emperor LP, some more class from the Plasma Audio stable from Lockjaw, the Nurtured Beatz crew shining again with Meta4 and lots more…


Meta4 – Exit the Mist EP [Nurtured Beatz]

The Nurtured Beatz crew back again with some more quality D&B, this time a new Artist for me Meta4. As ever with NB you know its going to be quality underground beats. This EP has that in abundance. Plenty tearing breaks thrown in for good measure, which we all love. Haunting vibes and sounds throughout. Really love this EP some excellent tracks in this, check it out.


Mayhem & Logam – Centuria (Amoss remix / Infinity (Nickbee remix) [Santoku]

Huge tune alert on this one, Amoss coming with the stinker. Both Amoss and Nickbee on remix duties and both pulling it off in their own styles. The Centuria remix is a fiend of a track, heavy heavy D&B. Infinity is a future sounding Neuro track, plenty of intelligence thron in to create a proper track. Santoko always has a different flavour, with some excellent releases you need to be checking them out.


Emperor – Dispositions LP [Critical]

Have to say right now, this is one killer LP. It’s huge in its outlandish sounds, the filth this churns out gives hardcore porn a run for its money!!! Emperor is synonymous with that huge arena demolishing sound, this album add’s another impressive release for both him and the amazing Critical which has already made 2016 it’s bitch. Not forgetting that it has that mental Mind Games VIP, it also has just pure firepower and you need this. Easily going to be up there in my albums of 2016. Really impressed with it, managing to create pure destruction on this.


Warp Fa2E– Alcohol EP [Close 2 Death]

Close 2 Death sometimes are just that bit too hard, even for my tastes. This time though, they get it just right for me. Warp Fa2E with it’s simple title and names for tracks, offers us some seriously hard hitting Dark DNB. These are for the Neuro enthusiasts and those wanting to smash in the punters face with a huge hammer like bassline. I try to avoid the bits you will have heard or seen if I can, this in a EP worth ferreting out. Hard and heavy bods, this one you.


Various – Methlab//2 [Bad Taste]

If you like the harder styles and you don’t already know about Methlab, you are missing out!!! They are on a roll at the minute, in a short space of time they are a go to outfit for me. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are not new to the game, far from it. This 2nd outing for them, is amazingly good. It’s got the top heads for the Neuro, Tech and Dark D&B. Not going to go through them all but If I say to you, Current Value or Billain or Optiv, you catch my drift? Top release with some hideous beats in this release. It’s a personal for me as are the Methlab releases full stop. Time to get to know if you don’t already, or you will regret it.


Drumcatcher – 8th Avenue EP Part 2 [Fokuz]

Fokuz are simply one of the best labels around, with constant quality and track diversity. This release caught my attention as its pretty audacious with it’s vibe. Funky, yet dark and melancholy but also bristling with Techy wonder. Where do I get it from haha 2 tracks worthy of your cash. Drumcatcher dared to dream and in doing so give us something different but good. For those hating D&B and thinking it’s all the same, check this out.


Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Rise of the Black Panther [Technique]

As part of the Technique Summer 2016 this was sent to me as a sampler. Boy do I love this track, it’s a Piano driven Funkfest. It’s perfect for Summer, huge bass riff’s and 70’s blaxploitation funked up shit. Including the Jazz Flute, do I have to get all Sex Panther and remind you it’s a thing of beauty when done well haha. A great track, not over top serious and capturing that fun side of our scene that is all too often missed now.


Minor Rain – The resistance EP [Addictive Behaviour]

Once again the AB lads are back in my picks, this time its a EP from Minor Rain. 3 excellent tracks as per, veering towards the Neuro side of Drum & Bass. That said they have their own takes on that with clear Electronica influences, these are what make the tracks for me. I like going crazy due to this very thing, has that EDM vibe but not all the cheesy bollocks that goes along with. Pick of the bunch is Hydra, searing stuff from Minor Rain.


Dabs, Dabs & Nymfo – Thematic/ Enchanter [Horizons]

Been a while since I have had a Horizon’s track in my inbox. Christ it was worth the wait!! Proper Tech on these tracks, with both Dabs and Nymfo big in the game you know its gonna be molten. It is! Both tracks are great but Thematic is something else, banging Tech at its best. Love these tracks.


Lockjaw – Two Suns / Suffer in Silence [Plasma Audio]

Mate Plasma Audio are amazing!!! Each release going from strength to strength, one of my favorite labels of late, each release future D&B. Lockjaw a producer I love, makes an uplifting piece of brilliance with Two Suns, if this don’t make you wanna neck some MD and gurn like a mong not sure what would haha Suffer in Silence again has this future sound, reminiscent of the Terminator film. These two are perfect of examples of modern D&B and what a label can achieve when it’s sole driving force is not financial. Pure class.