As one of my favourite labels Ingredients reaches its 50th release we spoke to two of the artists involved Response and Pliskin for our latest Influences playlist addition…


FSOL – Papa New Guinea
Popular choice…but still sounding fresh, definition of shelf life in 5 minutes…

Genaside II – Narramine
Rollin hardcore with great vocals! Always loved the contrast between the niceness of Nelson’s vocals and the onslaught of Killerman’s after the drop. Very unique tune.

Joy Division – Heart & Soul
Heart & Soul..indeed.

SUAD – Blackmen United
Probably one of their lesser known tracks but still up there as the best. Very simple but seriously effective. Drops hard.

Red Planet – Star Dancer
On the face of its just ‘another’ Detroit techno track… but it’s much more than that. Encapsulates the listener, drawing them into a world where nothing matters… ethereal vibes.

Exocet – Demon Seed
Possibly our favourite dnb tune. Although it probably transcends dnb in its arrangement and choice of sounds… great piece of music.

UR – Amazon
No influence list is complete without some UR! Think we had this record on repeat for 2 hours when we first got it.

Leftfield – Storm 3000
Saw Leftfield a few times live back in the day and this tune always stood out. Energy, weight, breakbeats, quality stab sound.. what more does a dance track need!

Ministry – N.W.O
Ministry spawned out the arse end of the Chicago house scene into industrial metal. Dance/metal crossover never really worked unless you were Ministry. N.W.O is a rollin beast of a track.

Eric – Boy or Girl
Very similar to Blue Monday by New Order but with some very catchy camp vocals (that’s how Pliskin likes it J). Bobby Orlando on production. Definitely one for 9am been up all night crew!

Grab Ingredients 050 here