A little later than normal but this months best bit’s in my ever so humble opinion. With some real fresh sounds from the like’s of Synth Ethics, some clever fire from Gydra on Bad Taste and the 2nd part of Shogun’s 100 release…


Synth Ethics – Vanguard/ Flexbox [The Dreamers recordings] 

Starting on a Tech flex with this little treat from Synth Ethics. Haven’t heard of them?! Well you will want to change that. These tracks are that fresh sounding D&B, not to bracket and only to compare, this is a lot like that excellent L33 sound. Clearly it’s got it’s own flavour and for me it bridges the Minimal D&B and the energy of Tech. If you love the likes of Icicle, Proxima and those edgy beats, then this is for you. Noisia like them. Both tracks are good but Vanguard is the one.


Systems Vol.4 – Signal [Critical]

As the entire D&B world predicted, well me anyway, Signal will likely steal the show in 2016. Finished very strong in 2015, now with Vol.4 of the Systems output on Critical. Signal is just all about the deep quality you expect from those who have been in the scene for time. 6 tracks, collaborations with Disprove, Phentix, Segment & Concept Vision. This is a pure class affair. Deep, Dark and brooding sounds. Heavy subs on these tracks and the track with Disprove is excellent. Great D&B which any lover should like really.


Coppa presents Defcon 1 [ Subsistenz]

Have to say that each Subsistenz release I have been sent, I have really enjoyed. This is no exception. Coppa being at the forefront of this and working with the likes of Agressor Bunx, Current Value, L 33 and Machine Code. Now that is a pretty envious array of talent and arguably the best in Neuro/Dark D&B right now. I am a long time supporter of Coppa and this is one of the better. I have been inundated with Neuro this month but it’s quality is lacking. This has the bars of one of the best Neuro appreciating MC’s and the cream of the crop in production. You like the smouldering bits, check these.


Impak – Bleeps remixed [Kill Tomorrow]

I sometimes question my choices of what I think are the best tracks I have been sent. This is due to the overwhelming PR machines that some labels and tracks bring forth. Some of you may not know either Impak, the remixers or Kill Tomorrow. But I picked this from my inbox and just now as I searched for the link for Sound Cloud I notice that none other than Noisia have selected one of the tracks for their radio show. Vindicated. I like both the remixes on this, supplied by the clearly talented Shyun and Insom. So if you don’t partiulaurly trust me and I doubt that’s the case. Trust Noisia, in Noisia we trust haha Seriously it’s 2 quality tracks and dare I say it, Funk in the Neurofunk!!!! Kill Tomorrow do get some excellent bits out.


Insideinfo – Conformity [Viper]

I have been a supporter of Insideinfo for some time. Most know the stuff on Virus etc, but for me, his tracks on Viper have been more experimental and pushing D&B on. This is another one of those excellent tracks, it’s almost like a storytelling with Drum & Bass. My take on it is as follows, the title is ironic as this is so far from the mainstream D&B it’s brilliant. The track itself is playful in that way, experimental. I love it, it has the underlying Funk, the quality you expect from Insideinfoand it’s almost taking the piss haha It’s something that should have widespread appeal but good enough in both production and unique vibe that any head should admire it. People complaining about how D&B is stagnant, your clearly not looking hard enough for stuff like this.


VA – Shogun 100 EP Part 2 [Shogun]

After part 1 was firmly in the box and reviewed, I was eagerly awaiting the further instalments. So here were are again, part 2, more class act’s in the Scene such as: Phace, Joe Ford, Ivy Lab and the one like Proxima. Another 4 piece on the EP, ranging from the banging Mumbo Jumbo from Phace, to the deeper Ivy Lab rework of SpectraSoul’s Glimpse. Which happen to be two of the better tracks for me. Another quality release here, Joe Ford and in particular Proxima’s track need a listen. Love that style of Proxima’s. So in short, yet more quality worthy of your hard earned cash.


Mindless – Karma EP [ Delta 9 Recordings]

A cracking EP this. German production is bang on point at the minute. This standard 4 part EP, is the only standard thing about it. It’s really very good. We have a high energy harder track, deep Tech and couple of delightful deep rolling tunes. The latter are also slightly Techy where it counts. This guy will be making waves, due to the variation and quality of production. My pick of the tracks is Nowhere to go. The full on Techy track. That said each track is worthy of your listening. Great stuff.


Emphasis – Exploration EP [Context Audio]

It never ceases to amaze me when I get sent stuff that I am not expecting much from. That’s no disrespect to either Emphasis or Context Audio, but I get such a huge quantity of bollocks haha This is such a unearthed gem. This is 3 tracker, with serious vibes. Really is very good and if your a lover of the deeper vibes, this is for your listening pleasure. When a track has you peering over your shoulder, out the window to see Parakeets that are not there but only sampled on a beautiful track like Fragile…it’s good. Just please check this EP and artists. Oh and label!!!


Gydra – Dystopia EP [Bad Taste]

Gydra has been putting the heavy beats out there lately. This for me is the better from Gydra. I also like the Zelda style artwork for the Bad Taste recordings EP. The title set’s the tone for this EP, tracks such as Insurrection, Secret Society, Megapolis and New Dawn. Opting for the clever Tech as I will coin this D&B, nah its not gonna be used sensibly haha This is the Neuro/Dark D&B I love, its hard hitting with out it being gimmicky. To much of this recent Neuro is shit. I like what both Gydra and Bad Taste have here, its keeping with one of my favourite labels imprint to be cutting edge. Insurrection is one such track, heavy as fuck but funky in its own mechanical way. Secret Society has a whirling sub that will damage the dance. Both Megapolis and New Dawn have a great Tech vibe. Good Neuro here folks!!!