Test Press audio is a new venture for Brian Talbot AKA Basic forces. It’s a new label which will release 100 limited Vinyls for each release. I caught up with the man himself to find out more…


Hey Brian, How’s it going?

Hey! It´s all going well thank you! Glad to see Nu:sounds is on the rise, I follow closely.


Tell us a bit about your new project Test Press Audio. How did it come about and what’s the idea behind it?

The concept of pre ordered funding isn´t new. I would love to say I came up with this myself but if it was not for James Evans at Good News Boppers I would not have known about it. If you don´t know what it is, I will use a company that will press 100 copies of 10” Limited Edition Vinyl but only when the target has been met. The customers will not be charged until the 100 orders are made. I have a small tight group of artist that I chat to on a regular basis, guys that work hard in their personal lives and take this producing game as a passionate hobby but they are all extremely talented and all dream about getting their tracks on Vinyl.

Some of the Artist names that I follow are DJ Melinki, Marcus Tee, ALB, AKA, Payback, Shyrren 5, Subdivision, Monument Banks, Ha-Zb, J2B, Move Mode, Nulitply, B- Science to name a few. (if I missed you out it´s because there are so many)

I have thought about starting a label for a while since I left Complex Records but I was always put off as I wanted to have a new concept, something original that would set me apart from the rest.
This label is about the artists. A chance to put a dream into a reality.


You’ve made a point of making sure artists get 100% of sales, so what’s in it for you?!

Honest answer? Nothing but love for the scene, passion for the music and my self motivation to push the artist to a higher level. I might make a few €´s here and there on some merchandise or a label night here in Mallorca but that´s it. I have a full time job. I am not quitting my life to run a Non Profit Organisation put it that way 🙂

There is a big possibility that we put the music up for Pre Order and not get a single copy ordered, that’s the chance I am going to have to take but with the artists I have in mind I am positive this concept will work, If it fails there is always the digital release to fall back on and I dip into my pocket. I am fine with that. Like I said, it´s not about me or making money for the label, it´s about the artist. If I can hand over a pressed copy of someones hard work and put some money into their hands, then that´s my job done


What style of music is the label going to be releasing?

All and everything. If We (Stuart Barber. A.K.A, A&R ) like the music, we will sign it. I don´t want to be bogged down by these “sub genres”. I am not a massive fan of certain styles. Trust me, if you have heard of crossbreed and some of the Jump Up I have heard you will understand, but that does not mean I will rule it out completely. If I get something in the inbox that jumps out at me and I say WOW, I am going to sign it! I think being restricted to one style would mean someone might miss out on this opportunity.


Are you accepting demos?

We are, BUT! I must stress a few things.
1. No WIP. It means nothing to me
2. As we are a small Underground label we are only releasing once per month (to start). Your music has to really impress us to be signed!

You can send to me testpressaudio@gmail.com
or Stuart a.k.a.dnb@gmail.com


Where can we keep up to date with the label?

at the moment I have only the Facebook page where I keep things up to date, but the website is under construction. You can hit up my soundcloud and twitter also



And how about Basic Forces what have you got in the pipeline?

Yeah man! I am currently working on this collaborations project Basic Forces Presents The Collective LP for Soul Deep (big shout to Boss Man Scott Allen), its´s a long and slow project but it´s amazing. I get to work with some of the guys mentioned in the list above and not to mention Philth! I highly respect that man. He gives me some solid advice,
Also I am writing a track for MC Tali´s New EP, I hope it makes the cut, there is a big named artist on there that I can’t say but trust me it´s overwhelming to think I might be on it. I have sent my demo, lets see. Natalia (MC Tali) is a true profession and I catch a vibe and passion off Her even though we generally talk through Facebook messages.
I am also planing something for Test Press Audio with, in my opinion, the best Male vocalist in Drum and Bass, I cannot wait to get the vocals back and finish this track and then put it out!

It´s all steam ahead. I feel I am way out of my league but I am staying focused!

You can also catch me on my monthly show Basics 2 Basic on Different Drumz Radio last Sunday of every month
I sometimes jump on Mixlr also if I have lots of promos, so get on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/basicforces/

Thank you so much for this interview and support!