Dan NSD recently caught up with Kolectiv to talk about their new EP and they were also kind enough to lay down a wicked guest mix…


Firstly, give us a breakdown of whom and what Kolectiv does?

Kolectiv is a group made up of three solo producers; Kalm, Keza & Carera. We formed in late 2011 with the idea that we wanted to make music that incorporated all of our own individual styles but remained fresh. What we soon discovered is that whilst having different musical tastes and preferences our individualism combined to be something more than the sum of its parts. We keep it open direction wise. D’n’b is our focus but we like to explore all kinds of styles and versions of it.


Your recent EP on Nurtured Beatz is really very good, every track is worthy of a mention. You collaborate with the likes of Mauoq, Jam Thieves and Retraflex. That’s a pretty good turnout for anyone if you ask me! Tell us about how this EP happened?

Firstly thank you! We are glad you like it. In truth this was an EP which came together pretty quickly but one in which the tracks had been cultivated over 18 months. Furthermore, they were not all created to be on one release. The backbone of the EP was however, with the dub influenced tracks My Right, Life Forever & General Dub originally set to appear on the same release. As for the bonus tracks, we felt it was a nice way to thank our following whilst showcasing our diversity and influences. Which, funnily enough, is how the title came about.


Given that you worked with some fantastic producers on the EP, what did you take away from that experience? Has anyone been blacklisted for future projects (haha)?

We all learn from each other and working with other producers gives you an insight into doing things differently. You may learn a new technique or come across a new plug in or you may see something which you can improve upon and that can only benefit everyone involved. For every negative there is a positive to take out of it. As for the blacklisting, we don’t blacklist people but we are selective with who we work with. A lot of the people we work with are friends from our personal lives which have become interlinked with one another. A lot of things came together just by simply hanging out in the studio.


I am split between the track with Jam Thieves and the one with Mauoq. Both are great. I opted for Accidental Side Effects though on my latest mix. Do you have a favourite from the EP?

Keza: We all have a different favourite, which again reflects our differing personalities, styles, tastes and influences. I would say mine is Luminaire but I also like My Right very much.

Kalm: The truth is it changes from day to day and often its the one we just finished I like the most.

Carera: I think I would have to say “My Right” because it really captures the dub vibe we were going for when we started writing the EP.


You have been so kind as to include a mix as well, spoiling us and our followers. Tell us what we can expect in that badboy?

Definitely a mixed bag of goodies. We have, of course, selected some of our own material along with some of our favourite current tracks. We have also thrown in some classics for the train spotters out there. It’s a fair reflection of our current DJ sets and how we feel at the moment.


Track list:

1. Kolectiv ft Staunch – ‘Cryptonym (MTWN Remix)’ Nurtured Beatz

2. M-Soul & S27 – ‘What Matters The Most’ – Nurtured Beatz

3. Friction & Fourward – ‘Battle Scars (Alix Perez Remix)’ – Shogun

4. Kolectiv – Ripple effect

5. Dub Head – ‘Spaceship’ – Dispatch Recordings

6. Subtle Element – ‘Lucid’ – Nurtured Beatz

7. Black Barrel – ‘Run Away’ – Syndrome

8. Ed Rush & Optical – ‘Codek’ – Music House Dubplate

9. Total Science – ‘Slipstream’ – Hardleaders

10. Hydro & War – ‘Film Noir’ – Horizons

11. Incognito – ‘Stop & Go’ – Vandal

12. Digital & Spirit – ‘Stolen Desire’ – Function

13. Kolectiv – ‘Can’t Explain’ – Fokuz

14. Kolectiv & Hyroglifics – ‘Obscura’ – Celsius

15. Kolectiv – ‘Timelines’ – Dispatch

16. Kolectiv – ‘Straight To The Ground’ – Nurtured Beatz

17. Kolectiv – ‘Hurt’ – Influenza

18. Kemal & Rob Data – ‘Star Trails’ – Audio Blueprint

19. Divine Styler – Directrix (Optical Remix) – Whitelabel

20. Bad Company – ‘Outbreak’ – Music House Dubplate

21. Philth – Your Love (SCAR Remix) – Dispatch

22. Kolectiv – Dusk – Celsius


I quite like to court controversy where I can. So what are your views on the Scene, good or bad, gripes or loves?? If you’re stuck for a topic may I suggest the recent takeover of Ram?

The scene is healthy at the moment with a lot of great music out there. The great thing is that even with the internet you may be able to find tracks faster but there is so much to consume that you still need to have your finger on the pulse to discover the best the scene has to offer. It isn’t always the household names. We think the partnership between RAM & BMG is great. It furthers the global reach of RAM and their artists and from a business perspective that is the logical progression. It also helps shine a spotlight on the rest of the scene. People may dismiss them as being sell outs but we see it differently. Perhaps of greater concern is the sudden reformation of groups and labels from yesteryear.

Some things are better left in the past, but of course we would be only too happy to be proved wrong. Pop D’n’B seems to be in fashion again…commercial stuff isn’t usually our thing but good music is. Substance over style. Success is still important and great acts of the past like Prodigy, Massive Attack & Tricky (amongst too many others to mention) have proved you can make music on a grand scale without compromising the underground sound. Not that it is the easiest thing to accomplish though. At the end of the day if you are doing what you truly love then who is to say anything negative against it?


I think the EP is an excellent start to 2016 for both you and Nurtured Beatz. What are your plans going forward for the year? I can safely say I am looking forward to both your output as producers and the label

We have a busy release schedule this year. We have just released “Can’t Explain” on Fokuz’s Spectral Advice EP,  “Solstice” on Influenza Media’s Inside Out EP. We have the worldwide release of our Influences EP out on the 15 th April (USB is out now on limited release and includes the bonus tracks).

Towards the summer we have a Proximity release scheduled with Skulpture and a single on Dispatch LTD which follows on from our collaboration with Bredren and Philth on Philths latest The Circle EP. A track on a vinyl for Horizons (HZN089) with Hydro…We also have some fantastic projects in store which we have to keep a secret for now. We do promise though it won’t disappoint. Nurtured Beatz has exciting releases coming up including: Subtle Element, Precision, Meta4, M-Soul & S27, Quantum Mechanix, Melomanie, (whose EP will feature a Kolectiv Remix!! More info to come very soon…Remember to check our facebook page for updates)


Finally is there anything to add, feel free to rant, give love or whatever you see fit?

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our family, friends, fans, fellow collaborators and label partners. A big thank you to Craig at Nurtured Beatz, Redeyes, Marco @ TripleVision, Ant TC1, Alix Perez, Basher, Joe Mallender, Philth, Dexta & Mauoq, Retraflex, Draize, Rafiki, HLZ, Melomanie, Tephra, Arkoze, “Rice-ical”, Soligen, Type 2, Arkaik, Yung E, Release, MTWN, Lewis G.H.O.S.T & all the SRD dub crew!, Hyroglifics, Genotype,The whole Estonian DNB crew, Christian Bruna & the Camo NYC crew, Meloki, Hyperion Audio, Milzee @ Cohesion, Clayton Hardware, all @ In;Reach, Shane the cutter @ Finyl Tweek, Bob Macc, All the Original D&B family, crew, Artists and Labels…