On the back of his excellent contribution to BNC Express 100th and because I loved his track Bad Boy, thought it time to have a talk with VTK. Being a Global Scene and the fact that VTK is Italian, please forgive and error’s or language. We don’t like to change the responses too much and its not at all because I am lazy haha I give you VTK…


Can you give us a little detail about who you are and what you do?

I always loved electronic music, I listened for hours, from techno to hardtechno , from breakbeat to jungle. My first approach to the production goes back about 10 years ago, nothing too serious, I preferred to write live set rather than individual tracks or ep. In the environment that attended did not matter the finished products, it was thought better to the preparation of live sets. The reference was techno or hard techno sound , but soon I was captured by NuBreaks and the deep Dubstep sound. I went on like this for quite some time, then I decided to leave the old project for a new one and lonely, but I believed deeply.


You first come to my attention a while back with your track Bad Boy, loved that tune! If you have to pick one track to sum up your sound for our readers, what would you pick?

Definitely “Terror”, but also my remix of “Deep Summer” By “The Slimerz”. I have always moved from the jungle to techstep, more and more, up to almost bring a raw techno sound to my productions.



Bad Boy as I just mentioned, come out on BNC Express. Leading nicely to your current tune also on BNC Express. Tell us a little about that?

Bad Boy is one of the few tracks that I produced with the snare straight, usually I write rhythms that tend most to the jungle. The sound is very raw and is exactly what I wanted to convey.


Terror features MC Blitz and was one of favourites off the LP. How did that come about?

As I said before I’m always trying to combine techstep and jungle, to make a raw and powerful sound.
The track was not too bad at first, but something was missing, lacked a true meaning. Then intervened MC Blitz, with a significant text and a marked tone was able to merge with the track giving it character and an underlying message.



So BNC Express had a milestone in that this release is their 100th. How did you get involved in that?

BNC has always supported and sustained italian producers. My first EP was released by BNC , was the release 049 and after that there were others. Probably this is one of the reasons I was lucky get involved in their 100th release.


You also have your own label, Singularity Audio. Tell us about that?

Singularity Audio was born from my desire to share in Italy a different sound from neurofunk. The focus is mainly on deep , minimal and of course techstep/dark productions. It must be said that alone of course I could not carry the label forward, in fact, I actively collaborate with Phog that deals with graphic / advertising sides , while I deal mainly with the selection of demos and mastering.


What plans do you have for 2016?

The first part of the year is definitely focused on the promotion and goodwill of my label, but I’m constantly working on new productions, this time less raw but more deep. Certainly after participating in the release n°100 BNC, I will release an EP to continue to ride the wave, but everything is still working so it will take a while.