Cor… some serious beats in this Month’s selection. From the likes of Logisitic’s, Current Value,  Bl4ck Owlz, L 33 and Shogun’s 100th!!! Check it out…

Peyo – Name EP [DNBB Recordings]

This is not strictly March, as I got it in Feb and somehow it eluded me!!!! But having put it in my to review folder, I couldn’t miss it out. This EP is a lovely bit of deeper vibey D&B. The guy behind it is the the French producer Peyo. The tracks also have an element of the Techy as well, which always adds depth to the deeper bits. Ceremony is a big bass roller, after a synth laden intro to tease. Cold Moon is the Techier of the tracks, a really good track in my opinion. Move on is a liquid vocal track, with that Brazilian flow. The best of the bunch is the title track, Name. It has the original and a remix from Mystific. A vocal intro, dropping nicely into tech bouncy track. This is a hidden gem for me, one those that may not make it to your ears so please check this out as I think its very good.


Bl4ck Owlz – Pill Machine/ Mechanizm [Audioporn]

After hearing a track on the Neuroporn release, I was pleased to get this release sent on promo. More Dark and twisted beats on these two tracks. One of which get’s the Friction Fire seal of approval!! Mechanism starts with a suitably mechanical sound, or is that Maniacal!? This is that modern Dark D&B, plenty of depth and layers to the track, less percussion. The better of the two and yes, the Friction Fire track is the A side. Pill Machine, has that stuttering heavy repeataive Drum & Bass that has been made popular by the likes of Signs. This drops deep and heavy, not unlike Swiss Tony’s love making (Fast show lovers should get this, failing that I will seem mental!!!) It’s percussive with the sounds and not the beats. It’s a big tune and one that you need to check out dark heads.


Morganistic – Redshift/ Danger [Red Light Records]

Really good to have a lot of the harder D&B this month. Red Light are really pushing out the proper dirty beats lately. This new Project, according to the mailout is morphing the sounds of Neurofunk and Hip Hop. Well who am I to argue! All I know is the depth to filth on these two tracks is fucking gorgeous. Redshift, has that grot in abundance and you need to check it. Not your average track at all. Danger has an evil soundscape intro, dropping into a menacing mentasm like track. This loud could very well tip people over the edge haha I love it. This is a sound I have much time for, a label I have so much time for and now Morganistic production I have so much time for. Great stuff.


Coma – Burn the Past [Flexout Audio]

Flexout massive back again. Another tasty DNB EP from Coma. Featuring the likes of Sense MC, Semitone and Arkaik. So you know its got some pedigree! I do love how Flexout get some really serious D&B that is just proper. It’s got that Flexout style of D&B, Coma obviously adding it’s take as well and its a winning formula. The track with Sense is a proper bar laced deeper roller. The track with Arkaik, is a heavy D&B deeper outing. The pick of the tracks for me is Burn the Past. From the off it sounds heavy duty and it is. It’s a big track for the real D&B lovers out there, no gimmicks, no bullshit, just proper vibes. Big fan of Flexout and by now, you really should be too!


VA – Reworks [DUTTY AUDIO]

Now this is not out for a while, lucky me to get it so soon. That said it’s in my time allocated for receiving promo’s so including it. Giving you a heads up of around a month with this, for part one anyway!!! Assume there is going to be 2 parts only, I have 4 tracks and on the 1st due out April it has the link below. All 4 tracks are banging!!! The idea is clear from the title. Older tracks given a rework. The people on the remix are as follows: BTK, Cold Fusion & Optiv – Void (Impak remix). Optiv & BTK – Get Dark (Signs remix). Optiv & BTK – Insight ( Segment & Concept Vision remix). Finally Optiv & BTK – Over the Edge ( Aggressor Bunx remix) Now if that doesn’t wet your appitite have a listen to the link. Each track is fire, but pay special attention for the Signs remix of Get Dark. It’s fucking immense. This is one set of tracks not to be missed!!!!!


L 33 – Karate Album Sampler  [Eatbrain]

L 33 is one of those producers I look for when releases are emailed. As is Eatbrain. It’s fitting that these 2 are putting out the LP together. L 33 makes great D&B, of a Neuro persuasion but with his own style. This Sampler is giving a taste of what is to come and I am looking forward to the full release. 4 tracks for your listening pleasure. Each with L 33 cutting edge production. We have a banger, Tick. We have a more minimal intelligent track, tick. A pure Neuro track, tick. This is a great EP standing alone but with the added excitement of things to come, Eatbrain lovers you will want more!!! Track of the EP, Clublife. It’s the more firing of the tracks and has this EDM trap intro which is perfect for the track. It would be a excellent set opener. Just waiting for the full release now. As Eatbrain carry on its domination of Neuro and L 33 strides to the top of the D&B pile.


Logistics – Electric Sun [Hospital]

If your not living in a cave and you have Social Media you may have heard tell of this new LP from Logistics. Sadly I only have one link to bestow the wonder and delight to your much parched ears!!! Yeah enough of the ye olde bollocks haha Not much I can say about Logistics that hasnt been said before. We know the deal, exemplary production, warmth in abundance in the tracks and some proper uplifting vibes. This is one of the better LP’s from Logistics, I love this LP! It’s trademark stuff. 14 great tracks and while I could go into great detail, there is no need. If you like Logisitics or that classier Uplifting D&B, you will want this. It’s got some experimental bits too and tracks such as Deep Breath are even excellent. Would say this is the best of the reviews this Month but sadly another stole that accolade and delayed this. Nonetheless, this is almost perfection in a sound. It’s great. I love it, with Spring coming its cleverly timed. Many summer sets to include tracks from this I assure you!!! Keep an eye for the full album links on SC soon!!


Philth – The Elements  [Peer Pressure]

The king of foodporn has done it again. An excellent EP, with a theme and some stunning tracks. Now, I am not going to harp on too much with this, as I hit Phil up for an Interview on the back of this release. Plus it’s getting a lot of good feedback and that. 5 tracks, encompassing a soundscape, deeper track, and a couple of Philth specials. I will however mention the track with Collette Warren. It deserves special mention and is the pick of the release for me. Water is a big heinous track, and your fooled by Collette’s seductive voice on the intro!! When it drops, it has that Gritty Philth Bass. Instantly contorting your face. Big track that! Keep checking the site for the Interview.


VA – Shogun 100 part 1 [Shogun Audio]

It’s a special one this. We have really been spoiled this month. I had to cut out a few that are easily worth a mention, for want of not being here all day haha So we have Ulterior Motive, Icicle & Proxima, Technimatic and Alix Perez on remix duties of Battlescars. Did I say this was special?? It’s serious quality, something Shogun is renowned for. This is 4 excellent tracks all great. Technimatic with the wistful dreamy roll out, Ulterior Motive with the Heads track, Icicle and Proxima smashing your face for eyeballing their bitch haha Leaving Alix to lovingly rework Battlescars, a tune I really liked and pretty sure I reviewed as part of the Friction Vs a while back. You need this release, at least one track will be a favourite if not all 4. Roll on part 2 Shogun. Oh my pick, yeah you guessed it the bitch eyeballing beat down that is Stimulation.


Current Value – Biocellulose LP [Critical]

Major fanboy gushing to commence, so apologies in advance. This just landed in my inbox on the day I am supposed to do my reviews and immediately stopped what I was doing at work and listened to this, then posted to Facebook. This is most likely going to be my favorite LP of 2016, I can’t say for certain as D&B is so fucking strong right now, but I am almost 99% sure haha I love every track, I mean that, LOVE. Tim collabs with Phace and Mefjus, just two tracks out of the 12 included. However remixes from Enei & Anode, are included. Now that speaks volumes for me. Current Value has been my preferred producer for a while now, was the most prolific and consistently good in 2015. This LP just cements all I know and love about his tracks. I cannot rate this highly enough. If you like his complex D&B, this is going to excite you as much as it has me. Jump, Footwork and the Collab with Mefjus Senescence….jesus!! This is like my D&B wet dream haha Sorry to go full Britney and meltdown but I really love this Album. If you like CV this will be right up there. Not the gimmicky Neuro of late, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth now. This is intelligent fire!!! Connoisseur shit. Tim, Critical…Thank you!!!!