Off the back of their latest release, I had a brief chat with E-Motion records…

Firstly, tell our readers about yourself/selves?

We are a digital Drum & Bass record label, based in Birmingham, UK, who have been releasing music since 2011.

You are currently underway in a re-launch. Your re-releasing your back catalogue as part of the Throwback sessions. Can you tell us the idea behind this?

Basically we didn’t release any music in 2015, but wanted to get back into it this year. So just to give people a reminder, or to simply let people know what we are about, we thought it would be a good idea to release what we believe to be some of our most popular releases.

With that said it may be some of our readers first introduction to E-Motion records. So for these guy’s, what are you plans and ideas going forward?

Our plans are just to continue releasing great sounding Drum & Bass, whether that be Liquid, Jungle or Tech inspired, we have a no holds barred approach when it comes to releasing Music. If we like it, we will release it.

What other projects are you working on or are near release?

After the Jigsaw release we have got a couple of remix EP’s coming out, showcasing some tracks from our back catalogue which have been revamped and remixed by the lads here at E-Motion.

I imagine with the break that you are perfectly placed to give a real insight into running a modern day label. Can you give us an overview, both good and bad?

The good side, of course, is being able to release great Music that we love. The rush you get when you hear amazing tunes that you just know will be perfect for E-Motion.

The only downside I can think of is having the time to squeeze everything in. Amongst everyday life, working, producing my own music and everything in between, it can sometimes be difficult to spend as much time as i would like on the label. I could do with a clone of myself to help out!

Finally, is there anything you want to add?

Just the usual thanks to everyone who supports what we do, because without the supporters this would all seem a bit pointless.

Also, for anyone who isn’t already, you can follow us on social media using the links below: