V recordings have just dropped volume 2 of their Planet V compilation which includes a mix from Alibi, so I caught up with them to find out a bit more about it as well as what they have in the pipeline.


Hey guys thanks for speaking to us today, Could you start by telling us how Alibi came together?

Hi Guys, thanks for the interview! 🙂 It all started in 2013. We were in the Pedro’s studio (Level 2) with Critycal Dub and Andrezz, producing the “Changes” track, which was released by Chronic. The idea came out few weeks later, we thought of creating a code name for the signature of the song.

In 2014 we started to work together and develop four tracks in 1 week, there came the decision: we return to the idea of ALIBI together for a different purpose. We want to reach new horizons and also create a new musical perspective, with colours a bit different from our own productions.

We have a good connection and I believe that when we come together we are stronger and more mature with our music production. Also, we are long time friends, and this is the most important thing for us, regardless of whether the project will work or not.


Do you guys usually meet up in the studio or bounce stuff back and forth on the net?

Fabio and I work together in a sound designer studio, so, it’s easy, because he starts an idea, and I finish up, sometimes I get an idea and he finishes it, it works very well.


I’d say your tracks generally has a nice balance of soul and dancefloor vibes, is that what you aim for?

We always try to find a balance between dancefloor music, music to listen at home, going to work, stuff like that. we think this is a important, music for all times.


You’ve put together the mix for the latest planet V compilation, what would you say are your favourite tracks from it?

It was a pleasure to mix this compilation, actually we like all the tracks, but we always have preferred ones.  For example, we love ‘So High’ by L Side & Fava, it is special, whenever we play it the people go mad! ‘Into the Night’ by Paul T & Edward Oberon too, this song is a hit! Command Strange ft Trac ‘black & white’ is also one of our favourites!


Can we expect more new material from you guys in the near future?

We are confident for the future, we have some collabs in progress, with L Side, MC DRS, MC Fats, Command Strange, Unreal & Dogface, and some other artists! Our next EP will be coming very soon and we are very excited to put out our music!


Grab Planet V Vol.2 here:

V Shop

01. L-Side – So High VIP feat. MC Fava
02. Command Strange & Artificial Intelligence – Dismiss feat. Jamakabi
03. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Infamous
04. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Tempt
05. L-Side – Dreadlocks
06. Command Strange – Black & White feat. T.R.A.C
07. L-Side – Riddim Dancer feat. Ragga Twins
08. DJ Chap – Let Me Love You (Random Movement Remix)
09. Unreal – Just One Night feat. Jeremy Carr
10. Random Movement – Ahead Of It All feat. Jaybee & Adrienne Richards
11. Rowpieces – V like Vivacious
12. Murdock – Tribes
13. Need For Mirrors – Reset feat. Edward Oberon
14. Bailey – Sugar
15. Alibi – Aftermath
16. Command Strange – Desire feat. MC Fats
17. Savage Rehab – Neck Funk feat. Saxxon & Balistik
18. Saxxon – The Only One VIP feat. Jon Scott
19. David Boomah – Where Do We Go From Here (One Love) (Calibre Remix)
20. Peshay – Funkster
21. Paul SG & Carter – Jazz Cigarette
22. Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (Juiceman Remix)
23. Jaybee & Andy Sim – Forgotten Funk
24. Command Strange – Visions

01. Dr Meaker – Right Back feat. Sian Evans (Break Remix)
02. L-Side & Andrezz – Turbulence VIP
03. Critycal Dub – Welcome To The Jungle
04. MC Fats, Serum & Bladerunner – Inner Soul
05. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Into The Night
06. BTK – Try feat. Sam Wills
07. DJ Chap – Emperor
08. Serum – Dark Clouds
09. Optiv & BTK – At All Costs
10. Paul T & Edward Oberon – I Still Love You
11. Think Tonk – All Dem Sound
12. Digital, Spirit & Response – Garrison Law
13. Serum – Wiretap
14. Kabuki – Just Hold On VIP feat. Jenna G
15. Alibi – Oxygen
16. DJ Chap – Like A Fyah VIP
17. Does Not Compute – Stalker
18. Need For Mirrors – Bredren
19. Alibi – Overaged
20. Level 2 – All I Would To Say feat. Hannah Eve
21. Simplification & Translate – I Need You Now
22. Submorphics – Higher Ground feat. T.R.A.C
23. Submorphics – Burning Love (Lenzman Remix)
24. Mr Joseph – Soul Girl
25. Level 2 – Born To Run Feat. Hannah Eve
26. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Rain