With excellent timing as ever, we at Nu:sounds and in particular myself NSD have caught up with someone ahead of the curve. Sulex’s grasp of English is less impressive than his production of Neuro beats, sure he won’t mind me saying so either haha So read this pretty honest and interesting set of answers from him…

Firstly, can you tell our readers about Sulex?

Hello, I started making Music some time ago, it was 7 years or more when I began as Pianist.
I went to musical school for 3 years but didn’t finish it, during this time I won best Pianist in Slovakia ( Pezinok) twice. I also won in Banska Bystrica.I never composed Music, I played Music only from notes/compositions. People thought thatI would eventually get better, but I didn’t like this way and eventually ended my studies. That was when I started with Electronic sounds. I think it was early of 2010, with Fruity Loops (which I use still till this day). Trance was inspiring me to make a beats through a PC. I then fell into Drum and Bass in 2011. Not sure which track I made first but “overcome yourself” was my third.
Making Drum and Bass still today and I hope it continues to add new inspirations, maybe I will start with drill and bass 😉 it reminds me quantum mechanic which I love too.

Really loving the forthcoming Pulsed EP on Kill Tomorrow. The title track in particular is one of those tracks which actually has the Funk element to Neurofunk. Something that has been lost a little in recent times. Is this something you were key to include?

Yes, exactly I tried to make some with older vibes and feeling, don’t know in which tracks I heard that feel but I liked it, so I tried to make something with it, maybe Memtrix inspired me but not sure haha I personally think not

The rest of the EP is excellent as well. If you would, pick a track and talk us through how it came to be?

Thanks! I made Zentra on a new computer, I think its my best track to date. I got to use new techniques and things which I hadn’t used before, I would try but then I couldn’t continue for the CPU slowing and having an adverse response. I used
resampling too but for heavier plugins its very annoying resampling it every time
The Collab track with Nine Yards was made 3 years ago, finished is not right word, it was 80% completed, then my HDD crashed and I never got stems back. Fortunately, I had some which I CUT uploaded on Soundcloud and I finished it like this (sorry for the second drop that’s the same)

You have had releases on Ammunition, Influenza and now Kill Tomorrow. What are your next steps and plans?

I will have a release on DEPH Records and In next couple of Months I hope to release on NFG (Neurofunkgrid) I started that yesterday 🙂

What can we expect from you in 2016? Personally I hope to hear a few more proper Neurofunk tracks, as you have nailed that with this EP.

New tracks with more Energy as usual, with new original sounds, I like some Liquid/Neuro variations. So maybe in the mix with Deeper Atmospheric styles, maybe you can expect some tracks from this vibe.

Ok, dream time now. Given the opportunity who would you love to work with and why?

Spor maybe Billain, these guys are geniuses of their craft. They both have an excellent level of detail and make unreal stuff.

Finally, is there anything else you want to add?

Yah, sorry for English and hope you will Love me this year more, I don’t like only Neurofunk and Deep, I like Drum and Bass the way it is. I really think its best genre on our Planet and whole Universe so far haha!


So if your feeling it check it out on Beatport: