With a new EP dropping this week from The Untouchables & Resound I caught up with Brian at Translation Records for for a chat….


Thanks for speaking to us today, Could you start by introducing yourself to the readers and telling us a little about how the label came together?

Hi, nice to meet you. Translation has been around since 2004 and we’re based in the DC area. Our first release was Resound’s ‘Sounds of the City’ b/w ‘Greedy Faces’ and it came out on vinyl in 2005. Since then we’ve put out 42 other releases across vinyl, CD, digital, and cassette. The focus has always been on the 170 BPM spectrum, but we’ve also released dub, house, garage, and other styles of music.


You have a pretty varied selection of styles in your back catalogue, what do you look for when signing up tracks?

MsDisdain and I listen to a lot of different styles of music, so when signing tunes we really pay attention to the little touches an artist puts in a track that makes it distinctly theirs regardless of tempo. With The Untouchables, it’s the percussion and reverbs – with Resound’s music, there’s always this future-tribal edge.


What would you say have been the highlights for Translation so for?

Reaching the 10-year mark and meeting the artists and faces behind the music along the way. MsDisdain and I met The Untouchables in 2012 and instantly clicked with them. The tracks on ‘Separate Reality’ EP are the first collaborations between them and Resound so this is an especially personal release for us.

Another highlight was releasing Nuage’s ‘Prints of You’ LP (2014), which aside from the Ital Tek and Silent Dust remixes, only had one track at 170 BPM. The album was a significant departure from his established sound (as well as ours), but it was something we both wanted to do and in the end were very happy with as the vinyl sold out and we have a follow-up on the way!


Next up you have the Separate Reality EP which I’m really feeling, how did that one come together?

We really wanted to do a vinyl follow-up to ’Dem Pirates EP’ (2013) and when Resound mentioned that he was working on some collabs with The Untouchables, we knew we were onto something heavyweight. The tracks on this release sound great on headphones, but they’re really meant to be heard (and felt) on a proper rig!


Any future plans for the label you can share with us?

Up next, we’ve got a digital release from Theory and are getting ready for our next vinyl – remixes from Nuage’s ‘Prints of You’ LP. There’s also a digital EP from Cid Poitier lined up for spring time frame.


Are you looking for new artists? and if so how can they get in touch?

Always! Hit us up on Soundcloud and please be sure to leave contact information.


Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

MsDisdain and I are live every Monday on Bassdrive.com for Translation Sound from 7-8pm (EST), 12-1am (GMT) – and for the local DC/MD/VA crew, we do 2nd Thursday vinyl sessions at Bump ’n Grind Cafe from 7-9pm – a local coffee shop and record boutique. We’re going to start broadcasting the sessions online, more details on that to follow.