So end of the year almost and the last of the Essential DNB Monthlies, up next will be the best of 2015. Before that though check out these new slices of D&B from the likes of L33, TR Tactics, The Clamps, Mefjus, Mob Tactics and more…


Paul T & Edward Oberon – Out of the Dark/ Surrender  [V Recordings]

I couldn’t find a link for this anywhere bar a couple of mixes, one of which included my own.  These 2 tracks are great and showing how well both Paul T and Edward Oberon are now working as a unit. Both track’s are excellent, Out of the Dark being a smooth vocal roller and Surrender just that bit darker. Both of these tracks are quality as has been the duo’s output this year. Looking forward to more of the same in 2016. Check them out, everything they have touched this year has been great.


Mefjus – Blitz EP [Neosignal]

Now this EP has been teasing us for a while, they put out the tracks selectively over a period of time. I love Mefjus, have done from the start. His production values are 2nd to none and he has cemented his own sound. This EP out on the magnificent Neosignal get’s some of his best work. When Mefjus does a collaboration with the one like Phace you know the outcome is going to be full on D&B power and it is. Clock off is one of the bigger tracks of an already burgenoing fat EP. Every track is good, this EP is right up there with some of his best work. The track of the EP for me though is Purify. It’s got that Mefjus intro down to a T, really ratcheting it up and dropping into that high energy Neurofunk we have come to love.


Benny L – Thunder/Bitter sweet [AudioPorn]

Was very happy receiving this in my inbox. A couple of straight up, no nonsense bangers. These 2 have some fat basslines and roll out nice and loud. Bitter Sweet has an old school D&B vibe to it, keeping it simple and it’s all the better for it. Lovely use of breaks in it to switch it up as well. The bigger and better track is the title..Thunder. An appropriate name really as it’s one big sounding track. I love the War of World’s type chords used on this. A rolling track with some huge sounds on it to mash up the dance.


Soularize – Project Mohawk #5 [Broken Audio]

It’s good to have a really varied set of styles and sounds in this Month’s picks. This from BAR is another unique idea. Project Mohawk, of which this is the 2nd I have reviewed personally. This is Broken Audio’s own words:

“It all started out as a codename for a collection of tracks we’d signed from a select group of talented emerging artists, each with their own distinct sound and style of production. As the idea took shape, so the quantity and quality of the music grew, culminating in a commitment to nine separate EP releases. From that point forth our aim was to come up with a twist whereby each release could stand out in its own right, but also form a part of something bigger”

This time it’s Soularize’s turn. 6 tracks, all are well thought out and varied. Some Deeper bits and lively Techy sounds too. The pick of the tracks for me though is Tunnel Vision a lovely Deep rolling affair this. Check it out.


Serum/Murdock – Dark Clouds/Tribes [V Recordings]

Another set of tracks in the pick’s this month from the V recordings stable. This time we have a sampler from the forthcoming Planet V Vol 3 collection. Serum and Murdock on this. Murdock gives us Tribes which is a catchy garagesque style, plenty of bounce to this track. The Flip and better of the two tracks is Dark Clouds. This has been doing the rounds and is eagerly awaited. Well await no more!! This tune is massive, it’s just a proper D&B track. Excellent wobbling subs, with haunting vocals and heavy stabs to add that bite. Really love this track. We need more of this D&B, not purely Neuro, Liquid or whatever. Some old style D%B that just smashes it on the floor. Shout to Serum for making this.


Relicks #01 –  [Relicks]

You have to excuse the ID on this as the promo I have is different so I have used the info of the Artist link on Bandcamp. I have of late been talking about proper D&B which is translated to that type of D&B we have had from day dot. Not a particular style, raw and gritty in it’s production. These 2 tracks capture that perfectly, which isn’t a a surprise with the tunes that are being remixed. Both are full of breaks and old school synth sounds. So much vibes in these tracks for me. Theory – Pictures, Shapes & Paterns and DJ Tango – Positive Chaos both remixed very well by Soul Intent. This is must to check out for people looking for that raw D&B. I love the remix of Positive Chaos.


L 33 / TR Tactics & The Clamps – Badman/ Topology [Addictive Behaviour]

One of my favourite label’s putting out one of my favourite artist’s can only be good. This is the last of the releases for 2015 and they are closing it out in style. With their recent event and now this, arguably one of their best releases. L 33 comes with the instant banger Badman. A huge bass driven monster. Then you have TR Tactic’s teaming up with The Clamps giving you a totally mental Neuro onslaught in Topology. This track initially wasn’t my pick of the two, but its just grown in stature each time I hear it and the 2nd drop is just too much haha It has this sound, you will know exactly what I mean, a Dead Limit type of sound haha I really do need to learn more about production so I can explain some things better!! Until that time though, its fucking molten lava heat this one!!!!! Be sure to check these guy’s expecting an even bigger 2016.


Trilo – End Game EP [Renegade Hardware]

It is the end of an Era. This is the last ever release from Renegade Hardware, I will miss this label. It has long been a staple for my kind of D&B. It’s fitting that they are going out on a high, with one of the best producers right now. Trilo really has put in the work in 2015 and has crafted some heavy hitters. This EP is a little more considered perhaps but with out the gimmicks of some Neuro currently doing the rounds. 4 Tracks, with 2 collaborations. One with Artifact – Gatekeepers and one with the Zombie Cats – Closing Chapter. Each track is worthy of note but the collaborations really bring out the best. With that said the pick of the tracks is the aptly named Closing Chapter. A fitting end.


VA – Mirror Universe 2  [Eatbrain]

There is part 1 & 2 to this on VA collection. A huge amount of tracks with that trusted Eatbrain flavour. Part 2 for me was head and shoulders above part 1. It has more of those heavy hitting tracks that we always associate with the Premier Neurofunk Label that is Eatbrain. Seeing out 2015 on a high, having been huge this year and making mine and many others reviews many times!!! There are so many good tracks from this, I will single out a few that are my favourite but you would be wise to check out every track on both as there quit simply is a stunning array of fire in them. The Mob Tactics lads give us a heavy Valve sound track with Jaw Breaker. God by L 33, Gancher & Ruin ( expecting big 2016 from them!!!!) is as heavy a track I heard in some time. Still having that funky element which is key! Tip Slip by Disprove is a hard hitting banger. My pick of this release though is by Trilo. Trill really has had a great 2015 and this is one of my favourite from the producer. It has that Timewarp Pale Blue Dot style, but it’s not cheesy, its more minimal and yet more funky with the Bass. I really like this track. This is excellent value for money and if your a Neuro kid, its your thing.


Mob Tactics – Rave Weapon  [Viper]

The award for most apt track goes to….Mob Tactics!!! Fuck I love this track so much. I am a raver from those times when it was unabashed and we was all sweaty messes haha This is a track that captures that vibe and throws it right out into the dance for the 2015 D&B crews. Rave stabs, samples, plenty of uplifting vibes and coupled with a really high energy D&B style they do so well. I love tracks like this in a banging hard Neuro set, when the intro comes in and you get that Euphoric Rush of expectancy. Those moments are few and far between in D&B as they are rarely done well and quite often just edge it into the stilton territory. This would typify a track I want to hear when I least expect it or in the belting sun at a Festival I really should not enjoy as much as I might haha The good kind of uplifting on this beaut of banger!!!! I just see it may be free as well, even better. Christmas come early!!!